What is a Cult?

“What is a cult? The greatest authority on the cults, the late Dr. Walter Martin, described a cult as “A group of people gathered around a specific person’s misinterpretation of the Bible.”{2} Cults are groups that claim to be in harmony with Christianity but deny foundational Christian doctrines such as the Trinity or the unique deity of Jesus Christ.”

To this quote above….this reply…..every single group of people gathered around a book called Bible, have created a cult.

There are no translations of the original text…..there are only INTERPRETATIONS and every new Bible interpretation states clearly that is a translation based on the previous Bibles.

So long as we continue to look from the posture of the words used in the Bible….we will see the same scenes, hear the same sounds…believe the same as the previous generations.

The new DATABASE about to be released allows us to see from a different viewpoint.  The  viewpoint has been around for more than a hundred years…the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.   However wonderful, marvelous this work is….it is cumbersome to use…..takes hours just to track down the original word meanings in any scripture….by the time an hour has passed, the eyes are glazed and the beginning point is in a fog.

The JSE is a strong bridge between the English words used in the Bible and the meanings of the original text.  It will now be possible to actually pull it all together with the incredible tool called the web world.

This DATABASE is not new information; but  rearranged in a different way, a different sorting system to look at the gift (Matthew) given of light (Luke) in the mid 1800s; by a team of more than 100 people.  People desiring to know what the original text ACTUALLY SAID.

There are very few words in the original 66 books…very few words and when we reduce the duplications; there are even fewer word.  Duplications appear, due to different authors in different time frames and different places on the planet…..plus…. the nature of language to evolve, change, grow, evolve…as a result wwe have far fewer words to work with.

A dictionary is evolving from this new DATABASE.  A dictionary that contains only the word meanings of the original text.

If the stories that have been perpetrated as the stories of the Bible cannot be retold USING ONLY  the true meanings of the origInal text.found in this new dictionary….then those stories did not exist at the time of writing.  Which means those biblical stories bandied about as originating in the original text are based on false beliefs of the cults that perpetrate them.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is the fact, capital letters are not a function of the older languages….English introduced that into the Bible.

Another big stumbling  block is gender based stories.   It is quite obvious that today we have no concept of the function of neutral, punctured and remembered words; otherwise designated as neutral, female and male words.

Clearly a word that means FATHER OF DEW; but is identified in Biblical stories as the female gender wife of a male gender person…..causes one to stop and wonder!!!!!!

A word that means SUNLIGHT is designated by English in the Bible as a male human person.  When we use the word SUNLIGHT instead of the name of a human being; we see a far different light beam.  A light beam with great strength.

With this new DATABASE we can easily pull up the very few remembered words and the somewhat more prolific punctured words and clearly see there is no gender.  When we open our eyes further we see the creative process in those words.

English functions on a totally different scale than the original languages, which were used to record the words of the 66 books; the basis of the Bible.

Christianity teaches that we are not to point fingers at each other; condemn each other, judge each other; but to love, honor, respect each other.

Cults by any  name set themselves apart as if they are more special than any other cult.

The truth makes us free; it does not set us free….we are already living the open wide free existent; otherwise words capilitized and  interpreted as the names of several different persons in the Bible, such as Jesus, Joshua, Jehosuah, Jehoshuah, etc.

Somewhere between 781 and 711BC in a place called Palestine; a person scribed these words.

“People perish for lack of knowledge”; …..gnosis; knowing the truth.  If we look at the original word meanings we discover  this was scribed by the deliverer door with a nail inside……..English interpretation is Hosea 4:6

The deliverer is a word that is created from a root word meaning open, wide, free…(the same as Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, etc..  Capital letters added by English and other capitalized based languages.

Amongst many other functions, the DATABASE  will allow us to pull up the primary/primitive root words and see ALL OF THE OTHER WORDS that grow from the primary/primitive root.  Then we can use the proper meaning in the scriptures where it belongs.

For example, the many many words that grow from the FIRST FATHER,  (the aleph, elpeh, alpha, a,A….father of language) reveals much.  Cultish thinking keeps us locked into seeing the word father as something quite different than it was in the setting of the writings 1845BC to 70AD.

The same way it keeps us locked into a view of the TRANSLITERATED LETTERS j e s u s.

Question!  How many sermons have been preached telling us that the FIRST FATHER is the first letter of any given language?

Question?  How many sermons have been preached on Hermes,  the author, the father  of the Egyptian Emerald Tablet?  It is in the Bible.

How many sermons have been preached on Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, the 12 houses of the zodiac?  ……on Venus, the bright and the morning star?

How many crosses have been thrown up defending against these words due to religious habit.  They are all in the Bible and their meanings are clouded by religious stories without any foundation.

Not Fighting Existent Religious Myths

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change  something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”- Buckminster Fuller

This blog and the subsequent database that is emerging are not about fighting the status quo; the existing reality of Religious Myths.   Rather about bringing light into the darkness; so that our eyes can see more clearly.

Obviously the 66 ancient texts had some great value and interest to those of the past that chose them as guiding lights through  the DARK AGES.

Perhaps it is time to see what those 66 (= nail 10 + a nail = oxhead10 + house = completion) ancient scrolls actually said.

What were the stories that we put to paper, thousands of years ago?  Stories so important that they have lingered all this while?  They are the elders, the elder stories waiting to be heard.

  • Do they match the religious myths of today or not?
  • Do they  make our hearts sing with hope and joy for a future?
  • Do they shed light (Luke) upon what we know to be true deep within.  A truth we know but at the same time is mismatched with the teachings we have listened to and believed?

Every individual has been given the tools, mind, will, emotion to decide what is light and true and what is dark and heavy

The new model being presented on this website and in the subsequent database, is actually the old model.  The pattern of which is buried under 750,000 English words of today.  A pattern that has been distorted by lack of knowledge=====gnosis====.  Which in many religious quarters is forbidden.  To seek knowledge is a sin.

Time to go back to the original pattern and build the house according to the ancient standards.

The blog and the database does and will show the house to the house.  It has and will continue to reveal the open pile of rocks; not the rock upon which the church is being built….has always been built….and will continue to be built.

What if we had no Point of view?

 What if We Simply Were Open to Possibilites?

“Polarity is the way…..that this reality….. is created by most people.

They decide what is right and try to head for that.

Then they decide what is wrong and try to eliminate that.

What if you (WE)  could embrace it all?”  Dr. Dain Heer.com

We have created and live in a world of endless religious dogmas, beliefs, opinions, viewpoints.   These viewpoints and opinions about right and wrong have for too long divided and polarized us into compartments.

The deep desire of the release of the new database is to provide a different viewpoint of an incredible work that has been around for more than 100 years.  Namely the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance. A viewpoint that was not about right and wrong; but was and is  used to reinforce right and wrong.

What is the potential, the immense possibilities when we look at that incredible work from a slightly different viewpoint……changing nothing; but simply making it more functional.   Easier to use.  Easier to pull together a variety of viewpoints; emerging out of the same foundation.  A foundation built in the mid1800s by a team of 100 person seeking to know the truth about a book called Bible published in the mid 1600s.  Published for the common population that could neither read nor write.

A different viewpoint gives a different view so that comparisons can be made….not to determine right or wrong; but to have a fresh perspective of the 66 ancient scribings.  Notes put to paper 1845BC to 70AD.

The evidence that a  multitude of viewpoints are confused  is the 1100+ attempts at rewriting the English Bible in new versions.   Each one is still based upon the viewpoint of the English words.  Still based upon old teachings about right and wrong behavior.

When we look from the viewpoint of the MEANING of the WORDS used in the original languages…..we see something quite different..

Light oxhead10 + house = Completion;   (inside) oxhead10  + door = window… which is interpreted as Luke 12:14

The existent open wide free  (interpreted as the name Jesus and many other names) inquires  …who made me (the existent open wide free) the divider over you?    the answer is WE DID.  We made the existent open wide free a person and then kill each other over the very person we claim is GOD.

A different viewpoint allows us to make changes in our previous viewpoints about right and wrong…increases our ability to embrace it ALL.  That is what all of the deities of creation do…embrace all….allow all…invite all forms to emerge, evolve, grow and change.  Creation does not judge rightness nor wrongness.

We did and do that based upon an English created word GOD.

When we remove all of the words that are interpreted as the English created word……God….. and all the words that are formed from that word God…there is nothing left but a few common everyday words.  Nothing left to fight and argue about.  Nothing left to judge as right or wrong.

A completely different viewpoint.

Not Trying to Change You

Not Trying to Change You

“Change your belief and you can change your world.”– Ernest Holmes

Dump truck 750,000 words.This website is not about changing anybody’s beliefs or belief system.  It is all about digging through the pile of religious myths that have clouded the hearts and minds.  Digging a tunnel of light  through the 750,000 plus English words of today that further cloud the original texts.


Pearl in an oyster shell represents WisdomTo discover the hidden wisdom and truth.  Each one can then have a better basis upon which to decide for self what it chooses to believe.  That is if they decide to use the new viewpoint.

This website is all about shedding light upon the original text from which the thousands of Bibles have been INTERPRETED;  there are no TRANSLATIONS.

The question is do we care to know?  Do we dare to know?  Do we dare to confront?  Do we dare to change our beliefs? Are we afraid of what we might find?

The database that is about to be released will make it easier to uncover the meaning of the original text.  This database is not new information; but a new way of using the existing information….namely the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.  An incredible work developed in the mid 1800s by a team of 100 persons.

However, using hard copy  is cumbersome and time consuming to dig to the roots of the words.  Which is the only way to uncover the real meanings of the original texts.

The other databases use the English/German/etc. words chosen by the INTERPRETERS of the Bibles to search the depths.

If what is put into a database is an opinion, an interpretation….. than the output is based upon opinion, interpretations.

If on the other hand the input is the original word meanings then the output will be based upon those words…..not the interpretation.   BIG DIFFERENCE IN OUTPUT.

The Bible/Bibles have been viewed from the INTERPRETATIVE position.  When we take a different viewpoint, the view is quite different.

Circle a mountain with people holding hands and each one will give a slightly different description of the view.

  1. Ask those standing on the north dark side and they will say the mountain is in the dark.
  2. Ask those standing on the south side in the light and they will say the moutain is in the light.
  3. Ask those on the east side and they say the mountain leans to the right.
  4. Ask those on the west side and they say the mountain leans to the left.

Each perspective is correct from that individual viewpoint….doesn’t negate the view from overhead nor the view from being in the trees or the snow or the valleys, the caves, the ridges.

Time to take a look at the original text from the viewpoint of the original word meanings.   That will be possible from the dictionary that evolves from the original word meanings; using the new database.  Then we can compare the religious myths with that dictionary.

If the word does not appear in that dictionary;  then it could not possibly have been used in the texts written 1845BC to 70AD.  Texts that are the basis of the INTERPRETATIONS called Bibles. The books that seem to support the religious myths.

Charles Babbage 1791-1871 is credited with the first mechanical computer.  From which came the adding machine and every other kind of mechanical sorting machines that led us to the present day computers.

The question that  has always been asked; if the wrong numbers are put in will the correct answer come out.   The conclusion has always been the same  NO.

The same is true of words….. wrong words in wrong conclusion out.

Interestingly enough is that Charles Babbage lived in the same time era as the developers of the JSE.  The team had to hand write every number, every word.   Even today it has taken me 20 years to first of all understand the unique language of 1845BC to 70AD.

Then thousands of hours handwriting the same data as the JSE.   Then thousands of hours inputting it into the computer.   All of which made me very familiar with all of the data.

Now with a few key instructions the database will generate all kinds of hidden information.  How do you want to view it?  From the word type?  From the meaning of the root word?  From the progressions over time?  From the perspective of Old Testament words used in the New Testament?  From the word trees?  From the time frame?

Does not matter; because all of these viewpoints are quite in contrast to the religious myths.

The bigger question is do we care to know?  Do we dare to know?  Do we dare to confront?  Do we dare to change our beliefs?

Charles A Beard: Hope Quotations
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.

N-3314 Midday

N-3314 Midday

Bible interpreters decided that a word meaning midday should be interpreted as NOON and SOUTH .

To be a translated word requires the meaning to be retained in the new language.  Midday expressed as NOON is an example of an interpretation.  An interpretation that is not, in this case,  misleading.

However using the word SOUTH where MIDDAY was used in the original text, is misleading at the very least.

Which of us would read the English word SOUTH and come to the conclusion that it meant MIDDAY?  Would there be even one person that would arrive at this conclusion?

We can dissect the baked cake.  Use a microscope of the highest power and never see the eggs, shortening, salt, sugar, milk, vanilla, flour, etc.  The same is true when we try to understand the original text by dissecting the English words that were used in the Bible.   Many of them unrepresentative and even contrary to the original meanings.

The following graphic shows how the word MIDDAY was formed.  Part of the formation is  a PUNCTUREDfemale  word.  These types of words have nothing to do with gender.  They do, however express something very clearly.

This is one example of how the database will easily give us information so that we can individually decide whether or not the Bible is an accurate document.  I have no intention of making that decision for anyone.  Have full intention of providing a valuable precious gift to the world.  Who chooses to open the gift remains to be seen.

Take a look at the graphic and how this word was formed.  This is a very simple word; some words are very complicated in their formation.  Examples of that will appear in the future.

Religious Boogeyman Satan

Where does the word Satan come from?

In the original text of the OLD Testament there a word that means opponent is TRANSLITERATED into the letters s a t a n.  Religious interpreters of the New Testament made the s a capital letter and treated the four letters as a word, i.e Satan.

Transliterated letters are not words.  They are symbolic of the original word.  We use this all the time in going back and forth between languages.

To be translated the letters s a t a n must result in a word that is equal to opponent.

When the letter s was made a capital letter it inferred in English that it was the name of a person, place or important thing.  Religion teaches that the word Satan is a spiritual being that desires to destroy humans.  Cannot answer the question, who/what created Satan?  Or at best says that God made Satan to teach us lessons.

Interestingly another word that means hurtful was INTERPRETED as meaning a masculine devil.   But  these words were used  in the Bible…bad, evil, grievous, harm, lewd, malicious, wicked, wickedness.  Wonder why  masculine devil was not used? These are English chosen words they are not word meanings taken from the original text. (more…)