Hot House Governs

Creation’s RED CORD, 12th generating of the Universe we find the HOT HOUSE REST ….

OXHEAD black
HOUSE seven/seven (an indefinite amount, size, time, etc)
COMPLETED low country
DOOR dual limitsegypt, mizraim
WINDOW a bow
NAIL humiliated lowland

Hardly a description of seven human male sons.  I have not given the transliterated words here.

Creation’s 13th Red Cord is water = DOOR…. water door.   ….with the power of ten = hand

Drink thou circular striking the quivering wind.
Striking the MIGHTY EARTH.
Firebrands travailing the affliction of the water, flames opening the region of the south, fortified crown.
Catching the motion, terror of the house of bread, the publicity of the mountaineer dwelling on clayey soil.
Villages  from the Life Giving rays of light, gnawing the thorny clay.
Refuge for the roving branch of humiliated lowland, a wall of protection.

Hardly a description of a long list of transliterated words that have long been taught as names of human sons and fathers.  Not translated into their meanings; we have given them the meanings of the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that abounded long before the Bible.

Religious myths that are taught in every branch, every denomination of Christianity that holds the Bible as the sovereign word of God to be obeyed at all costs.

Problem becomes determining which of the 14 word recipes is being referred to when the word God is used.  Especially when the same words are translated as many other words besides God.

The story line is hidden; but light brings it forth today.

If you care to know, then join us at the Lucky Bean Cafe Sundays 11:00 am Sanbrusco Center Santa fe NM.   The old Border’s Bookstore.

Red Cord Birthright of Creation

Every Sunday 11:00 am Lucky Bean Cafe Sanbrusco Center, Santa fe NM we continue to explore what the original text actually said.

We are currently following the red cord, creation’s birthright.  This gives quite a different view then tracing the so called genealogies of  human persons in the Bible.

We will never get back to the original stories until we use a different methodology. 1100+ English translations of the Bible has amply proven the folly of continuing in the same pathway.

A very tiny portion of the Bible is actually translated into the original meanings.  Most of those translated words also appear as their transliterated form.

The magic of recovery is in reconstituting the transliterated words into their meanings.  First we must be willing to let go of our precious religious myths that have abounded long before the Bible ever published.

We must be willing to let go of concepts of gender and embrace the creative process of NEUTRAL/PUNCTURED/REMEMBERED words. (more…)

Birthright Passes to the Erect Palm Tree

Birthright Passes to the Erect Palm Tree

We continue our studies at the Lucky Bean Cafe and Coffee House. Every Sunday 11 Santa fe, NM.

Last Sunday we explored the passing of the birthright from the RED SOILesau to the SWOLLEN HEELjacob twin of the red soil.

When we look at each step of the generating of the RAPIDLY MOVING SOILADAM and its mate the FIRST RIB OF LIFE GIVING LIGHTEVE  a very different picture emerges.  A picture quite different from the religious myths that have abounded for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

Religion insists on the stories being human.  However, in human genealogies the birth orders do not change with circumstances; but progressively pass down, creating a new generation.

So the CELEBRATED that comes from using the power of the open handjudah could not possible be found in the same generation as its HUMAN parents.  It would be the next generation and therefore have a different sequence number.

Nonetheless in the 24th generating of the DUAL LIMITSegypt, the birthright passes from the SWOLLEN HEELJACOB (twin of the RED SOILESAU) to the CELEBRATEDjudah.  If this were a human father siring a human son it would be the next generation. (more…)

Greater Insight and Understanding Today

In my previous writings, especially the original research We Are All Egyptians published as e-books…..I tended to use what I now call the James Strong Compromises.

Those are the comments made within the description of any given word assigned a number in the JSE.  This appears to have been an attempt to clarify the discrepancies between the actual meaning of the original word and the translated or transliterated words found in the KJB.

It doesn’t matter which of the 1100+ English  translations we look at, this still holds true.  Simply because new translators have chosen to use different English words, does not change the work of the James Strong team, 100 persons built a beautiful word bridge, so that we can reclaim our rightful property.

We know the story in the depths of our souls, our own beings.  We are the living records and nothing has ever happened that is not available information within.  Just maybe we should think about reclaiming what we wrote that has been so grossly misinterpreted. (more…)

Transliterated Religious Myth Son

Transliteration takes the letters of one language and transfers a word, letter by letter into another language.

One of the greatest gifts of the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance (JSE) is the transliteration of most of our original words, along with the meaning of those word.

These transliterated words ARE NOT THE MEANING OF THE WORD.  Which means that most of the German and English Bible translations are not translated as to meaning; only translated with transliterations.

The main intent of the blog site it to bring to light the MEANING of words that we used 1845BC to 70AD

One of the biggest hoaxes of religious myth tellers is the transliterated word SON.  This is not the English word son that means  a male gender person.  It is the transliteration of the word that means BUILDER. A word that comes out of the primitive root word that means TO BUILD.

The TRANSLATORS knew this because the transliterated word SON is replaced by 20 or more different  ENGLISH words.  Including daughter, son, Egypt, Assyrian, etc, etc. etc..

However in the translated text the word SON (with of added) is used to decribe the long list of transliterated words of so called geneologies of persons.

This transliterated word SON is then read by the masses and taught  by religious myth tellers, as if it is male person. This teaching comes out of the INTERPRETERS not interpreting the text correctly when reading and  teaching.

The primitive root words form word trees and it is easy to see that the transliterated word son has nothing to do with gender.  Especially obvious when a word is PUNCTUREDFEMALE but then the transliterated word SON is used.

Big difference between the transliterated word SON that means builder and the English word SON that designates gender.

Confusion is caused mostly because the spelling happens to be the same.  Transliterated words usually do not follow  the language spelling. .  It is simply a replacing of each letter for the letter. In the case of  the English alphabet there are more letters, so the transliterated word  is not spelled the same way as in proper English.   In this case it works out to be the same spelling SON for SON.

Religious myth tellers have capitlized on this transliterated word and caused a world of harm to both genders.  Capitals are not used in Hebrew, Aramiac, Chaldean and probably most of the other languages from which words were taken and used in the original text.

English language, by its nature, adds capitals which we read and take to be names of people, places, important things.  Religious myth tellers are adept at using this language technique to reinforce their myths.

It is time for us to reclaim our original writings about creation and creations stories.  Our stories have been perverted into religious myths for far too long.

PUNCTUREDFEMALE words often appear on the primitive word trees.  These PUNCTURED FEMALE words are most often given the designation of SON OF, instead of BUILDER OF.

This i very misleading and confusing.  Neither PUNCTURED FEMALE words nor the TRANSLITERATED word SON have anything to do with gender.

Only by going back and recreating every single verse in its original meaning, can we possible reclaim our inheritance.

Where did Madmenah, Madmannah which means DUNGHILL come from.  Look at the word tree and see that it comes from MANURE.  See tomorrows blog for more details

A Personal Opinion

A Personal Opinion

I have come to the conclusion that the male dominance religious myth came out of fear and ignorance.  The concept that the male gender was the head of the house and therefore the authority of God grew over time.  Just like the concept of what the word God means.

An INTERPRETATION that has caused more grief and sorrow on the planet than can be accounted for.

When we see how many PUNCTUREDFEMALE words and how few REMEMBEREDMALE words are found in the original manuscripits, this could be overwhelming.  That is, if one does not recognize these words have nothing to do with gender.  They are functions.  Just like mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husbands are neutral words.  They are roles and not confined to human roles.

The black and red earth is just as MORTAL as human or animal or plant or rock or living water.  When we eliminate our elders, which is everything in the creation, except  us, we are left without the wisdom of the creation.

So we make up these religious myths about gender dominance.  Does not matter which gender it is, it is a myth.

The cycle of wisdom was assigned a number….nine…but that word means “TURN TO THE NEXT FULL NUMBER”  leave the past, the old cycle, the old myths behind.  Come again into the fullness of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, that is all there ever was or ever will be. (more…)