Circular Root Word Systems

Circular Root Word Systems

Makes Me Think of  an Aspen Grove

One of the more interesting word tree formations comes from a circular root system.  Look at a  grove of aspens and you see individual trees.  Beneath the surface there is only a common root system that feeds the grove; which is actually one organism.

Be Gray Dust

Circular root words system is where the primitive root is fed by another word.  That word in turn comes out of the primitive root.  There are a number of these types of root formation.  To be explored at another time.

Below is an example.  Primitive root word BE GREY is formed by coming out of DUST.  DUST is formed by coming out of BE GREY.  They are inseparable.  The root is grey; but what grows from the root is not always gray.

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Using the translated words, not the meanings,  the scriptures can be searched to discover what the story really is about.  Discovered by using the original meanings..

Three neutral words come directly off of this circular root system. 2 neutral words and 1 puncturedfemale non gender word.

  1. dust
  2. fawn
  3. lead  Why is this not neutral?  It is still GRAY DUST, not yet formed into a solid mass, a neutral mass of metal.  The GRAY DUST is in process of forming lead.

From the GRAY DUST that created FAWN, we discover three offshoots of that  fawn.  Fawn is more  a color than a creature. Though at some time it may refer to the creature.  However an animal called fawn is not a roe nor a hart; which are the TRANSLATED WORDS.

  1. Form of fawn: translterated word epher means gazelle=be gray dust.
  2. transliterated word ephron means fawn like comes from fawn from be gray dust.
  3. transtiterated word ophrah of fawn comes from be gray dust.
This again is about process ophrah of fawn is the process: BE GRAY to FAWN creates ophrah which is the process into the next stage.  This is a transliterated word and the meaning is not given; but the designation of punctured female  word tells us what is happening.

The word gazelle is not translated as gazelle but the transliterated word epher is used and then capitalized and made to be Epher; but not treated as an animal in the translation.  It is treated and taught as a human person.

There is one more growth from this circular root word system.  Out of BE GRAY DUST comes the word DUST.  DUST combines with another primitive root word TO BUILD.

GRAY joins TO BUILD forming the word that means HOUSE OF DUST.  Once again the punctured female word tells us this HOUSE OF DUST is in process; not yet solidified into a NEUTRAL nor a REMEMBEREDMALE word.

Don’t not waste time looking up these word meanings.  Only the translated word for each of these growths will lead us across the Strong Bridge.

We could ask what is the connection between the formation of gray lead dust and the formation of a house of dust?  What were we writing about 1845BC to 70AD.  We were writing about the creation process story as we understood it; from looking at the elders around us.

  1. The Queens House heaven above; which is the upper limits translated egypt.
  2. The lower limits translated egypt/earth.
  3. And all the elders from both the upper and lower limits translated as egypt.
  4. We understood their messages and wrote those messages.
Religious myths have totally distorted; but the Strong Bridge allows us to uncover the hidden truths.  That is until the Strong Bridge is so dismantled that it becomes more difficult to dig out the truth.

Read THESE TREBLED SUPPORT OF THE WINDOW (inside) OPEN HAND POWER.  Translated as Exodus 15:10.   The word is LEAD from GRAY DUST.

Read HATED BACK OF THE HEAD (inside) HOUSE DOOR. Translated as Job 19:24.  Lead is in the (compressed) rock forever. Where the word is written.

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Christmas in July 2012

Christmas in July 2012

Religious Myth Being Disputed by the Apostle Stars

Seen from the Blood of Oilchrist Mountains, Sangria de cristo, southern end of the Rocky Mountains, Santa fe, NM

Home of the oldest house 800 yr
Home of the oldest church
Home of the oldest Public Bldg
Home of the oldest government capital building
Home of the oldest Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Sparks Street, now Alameda
Home of the miracle staircase built by the power of the hand of the unknown carpenter.
Major stopping point for the Old Santa fe Trail, the Camino de Real, Old Pecos Trail.
Major portion of the state belongs to Natives
Home of the Seven Nations given sovereign status by President Abraham Lincoln.

The Religious Myth that generates zillions of dollars every year around the planet is being played out during the month of July, 2012.  I call it Christmas in July.  We have an opportunity this month, this year to see the actual play; capitilized into a holiday called Christmas.

The religious myth says that 3 wise human men followed a bright star to a place where a human son was birthed to a faith-filled woman…never had sex.  Sex being the reason for the fall of man.

The pen of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY wrote no such story between 1845BC and 70AD.  Our writings were taken from our human library and put into a book called the Bible.  Religious ignorance has passed down commonly held myths for thousands of years, that have no weight on the scale of what we actually wrote.  These myths do not line up with what our pen scribed. (more…)

Primitive Root Words Reveal Themselves

Primitive Root Words Reveal Themselves

One Way of Deciphering the Work of Our Hand

This is but one example  of one way of how the meaning of words reveal themselves.  They need no help from us; except to go back to the source of the words.

There is a primitive root word that means BE SMOOTH.  Which we translated into deal, distribute, divide, flatter, give (have, -ing) part (-ner), take away a portion, receive, separate, self (be) smooth (-er).

Out of this primitive root word, comes many other words.  We will explore just one of them and see how the original meaning comes through loud and clear.

Out of the primitive root word comes a word that means smoothness.  Both the primitive root word and the smoothness that comes from the root are neutral.  The puncturedfemale form of the neutral smoothness is smoothness.

The word actually means smoothness (of the) smoothness (out of the primitive root word) be smooth.  We REMEMBERmale this by using the Strong Bridge and uncovering the original meanings of this single word.

We translated the word which means Smoothness (of the) smoothness (out of primitive root) be smooth, into these words.    


When A Child Discovers its Parents Lied

What Happens Next

My natural parents did not take me to church.

The Church  came and took me to Sunday School starting  at the age of three.   As my natural family moved about in search of work and food, the Church took on a different look.  Different set of rules.  Different view of life.

After losing my father, the Church became my father.  Daughters learn most of who they are from their father.  I trusted my Church Father.  I believed my Church Father.  I tried my best to obey my Church Father.  Despite the fact I  never figured out which rules applied and which did not.

The stronghold of religious belief caused me to enter into a marriage that was in no way blessed by any of my natural family.  Not one, not my mother, my grandmothers, my teachers.  No one agreed that I should marry, the one I was marrying.  They agreed it was not a good idea.

Nonetheless I had to obey my Church Father.  After all I committed the ultimate sin; let my body be used by someone.  Therefore I HAD TO MARRY HIM.  Besides that I was spoiled goods, no one else would want me.

39 years later with the breath of life barely in my hands, I found a place of safety.  It took three years to convince myself  that it was okay to divorce.  God would not kill me if I should choose life.  Divorce was not the ultimate sin.

I had made a promise to God to love, honor and obey UNTIL DEATH PARTED US.  For me that  meant I had no choice because I had promised God according to the teaching of my Church Father.

The Loving Creation provided me an angel of deliverance.  A natural human angel of deliverance on August 31, 1986.

Now many years later, each day is new revelation of the unconditional love of creation.  The religious myths told to me over and over again about unconditional love; were always followed up by the have tos, shoulds, couldnts, cants.  Those myths slowly fade away.  Each day they grow fainter and fainter.

Today I remember my natural mother through whose womb this tiny Light came.  My natural mother always said “can’t never did anything”.  “Try and if it doesn’t work the first time, at least you tried.”

I find it strange that the word NATURAL was translated as WILD and then interpreted as BAD.

That woman was interpreted as human gender person and therefore the deceived that deceives.

Perhaps most of Christiandom simply goes to church on Sunday, in the same way they eat dinner at a specific restaurant on a specific day.  Probably true of any religious order.

A temporary relief of hunger. Soon forgetting what the meal tasted like.  Knowing nothing about the ingredients used to create the meal.  But quick to defend their belief that it is the only meal with any value.

Perhaps for them one day a week of acknowledging something greater than themselves is all they need.  Perhaps that is all that was intended for them.

With the same dedication I listened to and obeyed my Church Father.  I now listen to the words that have been revealed to me over the past 20 +years of diligently seeking.  Studying to show myself approved, no longer ashamed.

Shame has no place in my being, for unconditional love has replaced it with the TRUTH.

I came, as we all do, as LIGHT from a far distant place.  Light that can be traced back through our natural mother all the way back to the LIFE GIVEREve MOTHER.  The first rib of light, mistakenly taught as a human being.

Our mother?  Yes, LIGHT has always been our mother.  LIGHT lives in the Queens House, the upper limits of our duality. Our mother has never ceased to be.  Mother manifests in matter. All manner of matter including human matter.

When we make the word mother always be a human being; we lose track of the bond, the glue, the height, width, depth and breadth of mother.

Yes, I discovered my parent, the Church not only lied to me, but brainwashed me into their way of thinking.

However, I choose to view my life and its experiences as a gift; a learning process.  It is the very thing that drives me today to search deeper and deeper for what our pen actually wrote 1845BC to 70Ad.  Writings that were and are twisted into control mechanisms.


The Arc of Venus

The Arc of Venus

Every hundred years Venus makes two passes across the face of the sun.  2004 NASA captured the Arc of Venus.  Were astounded to see it.

June 5, 6, 2012 cameras are all over space and telescopes on the ground trying to capture this RIB OF LIGHT.

We do not know why the Venus atmosphere developed different than ours.  Maybe it is just a few billions years behind us.  We would burn up in it.

This is thesame story as what we wrote thousands of years ago.  Except in the case of our earth, the Veil from the Queens House came down with the Dominant Head of Flames of the East, giving us respite called night, the cool season.

Else plant, animal, insect, bird, reptile, human, etc. would never have evolved.

First Rib of Light that the original text of scripture speaks of was named the LIFE GIVER and then translated as Eve.  Since that time Life Giver has been mutilated by interpretors and relegated to the lowly status of human.  Obliterating all connections to the creative processes we described in the original text 1845BC to 70Ad from which the Bible was translated.

Are we seeing a similar event?  There is no reason to think that creation does not keep creating in the same processes.  It will be another 100 yrs before we get to see it again.

Maybe by then we will REMEMBER the FIRST RIB OF LIGHT was/is/always will be our MOTHER.  Not a human mother; but nonetheless the MOTHER OF HUMAN, the littlest kid on the block.  The newest edition that we know of that has been birthed from the MOTHER, THE FIRST RIB OF LIGHT.

That MOTHER is not deceived and does not deceive, contrary to religious habits of telling myths about our MOTHER.

A Personal Opinion

A Personal Opinion

I have come to the conclusion that the male dominance religious myth came out of fear and ignorance.  The concept that the male gender was the head of the house and therefore the authority of God grew over time.  Just like the concept of what the word God means.

An INTERPRETATION that has caused more grief and sorrow on the planet than can be accounted for.

When we see how many PUNCTUREDFEMALE words and how few REMEMBEREDMALE words are found in the original manuscripits, this could be overwhelming.  That is, if one does not recognize these words have nothing to do with gender.  They are functions.  Just like mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husbands are neutral words.  They are roles and not confined to human roles.

The black and red earth is just as MORTAL as human or animal or plant or rock or living water.  When we eliminate our elders, which is everything in the creation, except  us, we are left without the wisdom of the creation.

So we make up these religious myths about gender dominance.  Does not matter which gender it is, it is a myth.

The cycle of wisdom was assigned a number….nine…but that word means “TURN TO THE NEXT FULL NUMBER”  leave the past, the old cycle, the old myths behind.  Come again into the fullness of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, that is all there ever was or ever will be. (more…)