A Few Happy Builders

Beginning in the 26th generating from the QHUEH and the 24th generating of the BMLEE we find some Happy builders.

They are found in the First Word of the Hot Day Weapon: inside is the One united oxhead to the power of 30.  Otherwise translated as 1 Chronicles 7:30

Some Happy Builders

Prosperity of the open right hand will Level.  Level the Superfluity Evil. (more…)

Why Do Some Words Appear Only Once?

Did You Ever Wonder Why?  Did You Know?

Many many words appear in the original text only one time?  Why?  What would be the purpose if they only appear once?  Why are there so many of them?  Why are they important?

A classic example is the a New Testament word DIVIDER.  It is a REMEMBEREDMALE WORD. Something recalled, remembered, rearranged from the past. 

Jesus asked the question “Who Made Me Divider Over You? 

That word appears only one time; but it is a branch that hangs on the  word tree of transfiguration.  A word tree formed from two (house) of roots.  One a primtive root of divisions.  The other reveals what comes alongside and helps create those divisions.

The word tree transfiguration is so massively connected that I think the entire New Testament hangs on it.  I stopped connecting the branches when it became evident that word trees are vital in comprehending the original texts.

We Are All Egyptians

My original research of this word tree is documented in 4 e-books We Are All Egyptians.  There is a high place, a high branch, but it denies the power of God.  This branch does not lead to the top of the tree of transfiguration.  Jesus said be transfigured by the renewing of your mind.  Put on the mind of OILCHRIST.  A well oiledChristed mind is not stuck in religious habits. 

Religious habits that deny the power of plural godsGod. is a dead end branch.

Connectors of the Story Line

The single words that appear throughout scripture are connectors.  Connectors that are vital to the story line.  The story line hidden in what we have been taught is geneologies of individual humans.

Without these connectors, the stories are more difficult to follow.  One can never understand the original stories of creation without going over the Strong Bridge and staying there.  Never to return to the old teachings that have no weight on the scale of yesterday.

In other blogs I have spoken of the very few words that actually make up the original texts.  The translations took very tiny books and made them into  one that is three times the size of the writings.

When we remove the added English pointy words that infused gender, time, directions, etc. Add the duplicated words together, words duplicated across languages.  Remove all the foreign words that James Strong was unable to identify. 

Then remove all of these single words that appear only once, we have left but handful of words with which to reconstruct the original stories.

This is labor intensive; but the labor of love to know and understand  makes it more than worthwhile. 

Time has proven that making more and more different views of the translated work into a plethora of different Bibles has not been of much use.  It has only caused even more CONFUSION OF LANGUAGE, babel.  The Tower of Babylon gets higher and higher with every new edition of the Bible..

The first single word alphabetically in the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance,  is REMOVALS from LOAD UP.  REMOVALS from LOAD UP is the connector between the COMMUNITY and the SANCTUM which comes from to be the sanctuary.

I will not attempt to give you this story, it is only an example of what can be discovered if we let go of what we think we know, what we have had drilled into us for hundreds of years and let the SPIRIT teach. ‘”We have no need for man to teach, for the SPIRIT will lead us into all truth. “1 John 2:27

Loading up something between the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity divides it from the community and its own DIVINITY.  Removal of thost loads of death, hell, damnation, sin of the original parents ad nauseam will allow TRUTH to be seen and  heard..

The Second Holocaust/Step

The Second Holocaust/Step

Step One is Forgotten

The purpose of stating these holocausts/steps is not to give the details of the individual parts. 

These are broad brush strokes aimed at showing how, even today we engage in holocausts/steps that erase our past rememberance that we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

We are looking at the specific sequence of historical events that shaped the belief system of the major part of the people on the planet.

Purpose is to help us REMEMBER, what we have forgotten.  We are the PERFECT FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  We have brainwashed ourselves into believing something else.

In step 1, we begin to forget our common source, the black void from which the entire creation came. 

Developing languages, symbols and their meanings separately and then creating rituals, ceremonies, styles of dress, types of housing, ideas about time and how to use it, etc. moves us into step two, forming groups.  Groups of like mindedness.

Form Groups

The commonality of language around certain beliefs, ideas, concepts, rituals, etc begins to separate the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD into groups.  Gathering together around common beliefs, interests, ideas, religions, etc.  Beliefs different from the Other.

Vegetable Garden

All kinds of vegetable plants share a common garden. The fullness of flavor does not come out until the vegetables are put together in a stew pot with a little salt. 

The boiling brings out the flavor.  If the carrots decide they do not like the salt, the stew is flat tasting.  If the onions do not like the potatoes, that flavor is lost. 

We forgot the garden of PleasureEden we live in and have lost the flavor that comes from co-mingling in the boiling stew pot.  The vegetables don’t fight each other, they blend and make new flavors. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

Groups form, that do not necessarily include the entire former group, of family, friends, tribes, nations, etc.  These groups form around a set of common beliefs, ideas, habits, rituals.  New beliefs, ideas, habits, rituals, ceremonies, food types, housing types, religious orders, etc. develop.

brain washingThe argumentum ad nauseam is that a particular group is better, knows more and therefore is above the others.  Therefore should be the teacher of the others.  Should be the head of the household, the nation, the tribe.

One Such Group

We are looking at just one of those groups.  In step two, of this example is a group that formed Judasim.  This is not the only group forming; however, it is the source of step 3.

Those that  pulled away from the Judasim group, called themselves Christian. This created a new group, cult, sect, belief, habit, religious order, whatever word you choose to use.

As all groups do, it centered around a common belief system, habits, rituals, ceremonies.

This new group drew from the writings of 1688 BC which is its commonality to Judasim and Islam, step 6. 

The result of the holocaust/step of 3, is  is seen in step 4.  Four is a door, when opened creates a window, step 5. 

Christians wrote their own documents over a period of time. Adding in other writings ranging from 1845 BC to 430BC. Cumulating in step 10 produced the King James Bible for the common people.

What Should We Remember?

The Firstborn Divine Child Wrote About the Garden of Pleasureeden

Steps that negate the previous steps cause us to forget that, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, us lives in the GARDEN OF PLEASUREEDEN

PLEASUREEDEN is a male word and therefore is a REMEMBERED word.  We can remember it if we want to.

Pleasure Remembered from What?

Our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH was bathed in the first rib of Life Giving lightEve.  This life givereve provided the energy from the fire energizing the black fertile soiladam. The black fertile soil became the place where all seed contained in the womb of the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH, could grow.

What Do We Need to Remember?

This black fertile soil, was not human; although it acted as a slave, a servant, providing the environment for all the kingdoms of this world to sprout and grow from.

The argumentum ad nauseam wants us to believe that it was a human male gender from which came a human female gender.  Totally antithesis to laws of creation.

Seed of each kingdom sprouted in an orderly fashion, each supporting the next kingdom to come.

Remember Our Sister Patience of Which we Can Have all we Want.

The seed waited patiently for the  tears from the HOUSE OF THE QUEENUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN to rain upon the black fertile soil. 

The floods came and lifted the three wombs of the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH, above the white mountain of ice.  Waters of creation frozen, were released by the full sunlight.

High Father with a dominant head fell from the Flames of the East, striking the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH with a bolt of negative energy, that energized the black fertile soil to produce.

Remember the Womb.

We, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD were in that womb along with all of our womb matesbrothers...  We were the last of the RED KINGDOM to be birthed.  We have yet to raise up the gentle bullocksdukes of humanity.

The first Red EarthEsau raised gentle bullocksdukes, long before the maggot/worm/heel catcherjacob. did.

This is not the time nor place to expound on the maggot/worm/heel catcherJacob.  Suffice it to say that this was the embryo of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  It was not an individual male gender person.

Major question is if this was a male gender individual, then why is the geneology only through one, WILL ADD?   The unique language  we wrote in, cannot be understood with English grammar slapped on top of it.

These are the stories we wrote in 1688BC; but the teachers of English did not recognize it and so wrote and  taught  different stories.  See steps 5 -14


Question?  Did we write a story about coming out of an ice age, 70,000 years ago?  Did we conclude that previous humans were destroyed in that ice age?  Who came through?  

Who survived?  Those who did not stay with the old habits but adapted to new weather conditions.  This created a new human group.  Is this what our writings of 4000 years ago are really about?   A flood that killed the previous inhabitants; only the seed survived?

New groups are not necessarily a wrong next step; it can be a growing process.  Forgetting the previous steps can be disastrous. Creating divisions about them and us is distastrous.

Forgetting that we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD has been disastrous.  Whenever and wherever humanity was birthed, we came through the  last ice age and wrote about it.

These documents are not the only documents we wrote.  All of what we wrote came from a single pen, the human pen.  The various documents across the planet are but pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that we created.  We can fit the pieces together. 

Jesus said who made me divider over you?  The answer is we did.

The preceding is an exerpt from the BLACK MADONNA in the QUEENS HOUSE, an e-book to be released in the future.

Blue subscribers will have access to the graphic depicting these 14 steps.


Using the Argumentum ad nauseam

Using the Argumentum ad nauseam

brain washingI have been talking about how the argumentum ad nauseam has permeated the entire planet with its discourse.

An argumentum ad nauseam is a wonderful technique for individuals to use on SELF to change old thinking habits and develop some new thoughts.  Thoughts are energies and they bring change.

However, using the argumentum ad nauseam to hold sway over the masses is nothing more than brain washing.

We will be looking at 14 holocausts/steps that led us on a trail of brainwashing. 

Was it intentional?  Probably not; but the effect/affect is the same.  Good intentions do not always bring the desired result.  Good intentions can cause great harm; especially when trying to enforce our beliefs upon someone else.  Most especially invoking the word GOD as the hammer, the gun, the bayonet to enforce the good intentions.

Most particularly when we do not even know that word, most often in scripture, represents plural gods; not one almighty GOD.

Yet this sledge hammer is thrown around with great weight and assumed authority.

The Movement of the Holocausts/steps

Egyptian letter 14 represents motion of the fish hook.  A lure of bait that attracts the fish.  [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

Egyptian number and letter one represents unity of all.  One united oxhead.  Ten is the increase to the power of the open hand. Power to open the door, letter # 4.

We will see how that hand of power, slowly opened a door for the floodgates of the argumentum ad nauseam to flood the planet.  Blinding and confusing the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity.

We begin with the dark void from which the creation emerged.  Walk through the historical evidences of what each holocaust/step did with the thinking patterns of the planet.

This information will be released in many blogs; step by step.  Each holocaust burns up the previous step, so there is no where to go back.  A step is open and not attached to anything. It is part of the argumentum ad nauseams power. 

We are viewing only one argumentum ad nauseam, by no means exhaustive, because these same arguments can be found in many other places.  The original source can only be guessed at.

The affects/effects are manifested across the planet.

The point is that when any belief, any idea is hammered and hammered into the psyche of the human, it begins to forget and to form another opinion, another idea, other than the one that every human on the planet was born DIVINE, perfectly perfect.

No clones, each expression is a perfect expression of the whole.

All were saved, being saved and will be saved; none lost.  All are perfect; there is only ONE FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, is humanity.  We will look at how these 14 steps aided and abetted the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD to forget its mother, the BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH   at rest in the QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN..

Consequently forgetting that the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD also resides there.  It is not necessary to die, return to the mother and then go to heaven.  That is, go to heaven,  if we were good enough before we died.

Forgetting that we are already the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD is the symptom of death already in progress.  Remembering/recalling is a sign of  life.  Life cannot die and death is a lie.

We are destined to MASTER SELF.  The argumentum ad nauseam has convinced us that we can conquer other.  We believe this nonesense despite the fact that we have never been able to accomplish mastering someone else.  The best we have ever done is control, push down, demean, belittle, kill, maim and destroy other.

brain washingOne of the major reinforcers of this concept of dominating other is the ugly idea that a male gender has rule over the female gender.  

 This behads the female, crippling, blinding, muting and causing deafness in her.  So she stumbles in the dark.

This overloads the male with a responsibility it has no way of fulfilling.

This heavy burden of two heads upon the shoulders of male gender has caused the back to bow down under the load.  No wonder we have spousal abuse.

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD knows inside this does not work.

Question is when we will shake off this argumentum ad nauseam put on us by other well meaning individuals, groups, religions, families, tribes, nations ad nauseam.

These 14 steps of forgetting our mother the BLACK MADONNA will be released in an e-book sometime in the future.  Meantime excepts will be published on this site.


Three Forms of Jesus

Three Forms of Jesus

A few days ago I posted a song by Greg Tamblyn, Jesus was a Bachelor, which presented the question or was he?

In e-book volume one, chapter 8  We Are All Egyptians I address the three forms that Jesus took on.  This entire research is based upon one word transfiguration and the word tree that it forms. 

Also look at the other forms.

 Remember red words are female non gender, indicate something open, punctured, generative, etc.  Male words are non gender means something remembered, recalled from something else.  The word form means to morphe, shape, adjust parts.  The process is still occurring, the remembering is not yet finished.

The MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM destined to master self is still in the playpen.  Poking eyes, pulling hair, hitting each other over the head with our toys. (more…)

What is the White Lion?

What is the White Lion?

Once again our elder the white animal is creating attention.  Whether it be the white buffalo, the white cow, the white lion it is significant in terms of ancient scrolls.

It was a White Mountain of ice from which the Black Fertile Soil of  lower Egypt emerged into upper Egypt. That is not the tiny piece of terra firma we call Egypt today.

Water from that White Mountain contained all the seeds of all creation that we experience today.  As well as all the seeds of that which is to come.  Scripture says the lion is but a mouth and we will be surprised at its roar.

Are we listening to the lion?  Did we listen to the white buffalo?  Here is an interesting you-tube video on the white lion, which we the human family keeps trying to destroy.  Perhaps the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM, the one destined to MASTER SELF, will hear the cry of the white lion.


The lion does not have the birthright, only the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest can reproduce self.  But the lion can call attention to that which we should be aware of.  It has in times past caught our attention.  

The roaring white lion has much to say to us.  Interesting that it  is in the land of BLACK people where the cry is being heard.  Perhaps it is the cry of those who have been the victims of the myth that there was a Black son who Humiliated the Father and forever doomed the black people to slavery.  If this was a black son, then the brothers and the father and the mothers were also black.   Where were the sisters?  (more…)