Who/What Builders?  Who/What Father?

The word in the original text that means builder is translated into list of a variety of words in the KJB.  See the list at the end of this blog.  This blog is addressing the neutral builder translated as father.  Touching on daughter, son, mother/mother.

When we use the real meaning builder instead father, daughter, son, Egypt, Assyria, Grecian, youth, etc. a very different picture emerges.  Most often the word son is used in religious habitual stories.  With the inference that is is a male gender,with more importance than female gender.

Please, remember there is no gender in the original texts; else we have same very weird looking people.

The translated words, father, daughter, son in this case, are alike and they are neutral.

Be careful in assuming anything, because this is not exclusive of the other words that have been translated into father, daughter, son, mother, Egypt, Assyria, robber, servant, bullock, calf, etc.

Blanket assumption have created a Tower of Babel, confusion of language by the INTERPRETATIONS of the translation.  The translation can stand on it own merit, provided we know what it is translating.  It is a very tiny book, a very beautiful story rewritten many times and collected into a single book called bible.  Biblio means little book.

Interpreters throw the words Father God around as if it was real thing.  As if there was some form of a human out there somewhere that is God.  There is absolutely no evidence for this interpretation.  We, humanity, are the plural gods of fire, water, breath of life and earth.

As stated elsewhere there are at least 14 different recipes used to come up with the word god.  Take your choice in this matter.  There is no word for an ulitmate diety in the original writings, that could be translated into one word, God.

Same is true of father, son, daughter.  Different words of different meanings were translated into these three English words.  We are only looking at father, daughter, son as builders of the buildingmother.  None of which has anything to do with gender.

This building is before the separate place as described in Ezekiels’ temple.  Not being specifically addressed here.

The unique language written down 1845BC to 70AD in a variety of places and words from a wide variety of languages is quite capable of telling us the true story.   If we open our ears to hear it. Open our eyes to see it and hearts open and willing to embrace it.

Else we will remain victims of the religious habitual stories of death, hell, shame, blame ad nauseaum.  They are sour milk and rotting meat that is killing the firstborn divine child/humanity.  No religion is excluded; all have some form of death stories; evidenced by the wars, death, disease around the planet.


At  least five different original words were translated as father.  Most often it is a primary word.  KJB  translation:

  1. chief, fore father, fatherless, patrimony, principal, etc.
    1.  INTERPRETATIONS make this a male gender head of house.   And teach it is God. the father.
  2. The Chaldean word agrees with the above.
  3. Builder is also translated as father along with  many other different words, including son, daughter, Egypt.
  4. Father in law  = join.   Neither words have anything to do with gender.  Else we have a strange human creature neutral and female called father in law.
  5. The word meaning  give is translated as father in law, mother in law , son in law.  Mother is also translated from this same word meaning .

Mother is like father, but not translated as a builder.  The full text of this particular part of building the buildingmother of one oxhead,  will appear in the e-book Egyptian math Will Add.

Following is the list of KJB words used in the translation for the word that means BUILDER that comes from a primitive root word to build.

afflicted, age, ‘Ahoh-, Ammon-, Hachmaon-,Lev-ite, anoint, annointed one,appointed to, arrow, Asssyr-, Babylon-, Egypt-,Grec-ian, one born, bough, branch, breed, young bullock, young calf, came up in, child, colt, common, corn, daugther, of first, firstborn foal, very frutiful, postage, in kind, lamb, man, meet, might, nephew, old, people, rebel, robber, servant born, soldier, son, spark, steward, stranger, surely, them of, tumultuous one, valiant valiantest, whelp, worth, young one, youth.