What Happens When Father is Combined with Existent He/She/It?

Or is it Existent Father combining with HE/SHE/IT?  Or is HE/SHE/IT combining with EXISTENT FATHER.  Depends on how the word was created by the author.  In all cases these are neutral words.  NO GENDER.

Yesterday we looked at the primary words brother/brother, and bond, the glue translated as mother.  The graphic giving a better description than my words.

What happens when the primary word FATHER is combined with other primitive root words. Again a graphic is being supplied to premium subscribers.

Two Examples in This Graphic

  1. Primary word FATHER, a neutral word, combined with a primitive root word that means TO SURROUND.  Depending upon which author and which time frame and which place these words are put together creates a different outcome.
    Combining the primary building block word FATHER with the primitive root word TO SURROUND gives us either FATHER TO SURROUND or TO SURROUND FATHER.
  2. In this case there are three words joined together to create a fourth word. Actually we could say four words combined to form a fifth; because the primitive root To Exist poduces EXISTENTbefore it is joined with the other three words.We have been looking at the word EXISTENTwhich was translated as God and other words.  Just one of the 14 different word recipes used to create the English word, God.In this example the primary word FATHER was combined with EXISTENT and also  a word that means HE/SHE/IT.  All of them neutral words.

    What is the end result of joining those three words?  How many different words were used for this.  Existent appears hundreds of time.  We saw one example where EXISTENT was combined with OPEN WIDE FREE which was translated as Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, Joshua, Jesus, Esaias, Isaiah, Jesaiah, Jeshaiah.  There may be others that I have not uncovered yet.

    The following graphic presents questions.  What is FATHER HE/SHE/IT EXISTENT?  How can father be she or it, if FATHER is gender?

    The answer is easy, there is no gender in our writings.  It was infused by the nature of the English language creating a Tower of Babel, confusion of languages.

    Just because a religious group confiscated our writings from the HUMAN LIBRARY and decided to build religious doctrines of demons and devils, dogmas of control, does not mean those teachings are what we wrote.

    Most of the Bible is not even translated, it remains in words that are foreign to English.  So religion treats them like lists of names of people and miss the story line.

    In the following graphic the broken green lines indicates the direction of growth in forming a new word.  Where the lines intersect with the solid green, in this case the PRIMARY WORD FATHER, is the point of formation of the new word.

    So in case one there are only two words that form a new word.  In case #2 there are three words combined to create a fourth word.  Or as stated above 4 combined into five.  Five is a window,  the window reveals more to us.  Reveals a step between TO EXIST and EXISTENT.

    This poses another question if EXISTENT is God, then how did God come into EXISTENCE out of TO EXIST?  English words TO EXIST is future?  Who/what is this God that comes into EXISTENCE?

    The first appearance of the English word God actually means plural gods.