Fascinating These Three

I find it intriguing that the Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions, beliefs and stories parallel what we wrote,  1845BC to 70AD

How is it then, that  the three major religions on the planet claim to base their beliefs on the WORD OF GOD.  Those beliefs do not reflect the same beliefs as the BHNA? Nor do they reflect our writings nor what was intended.

How is that we wrote about creation?  We wrote about the interrelated, interactive beautiful dance of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, one creation, unified by, honoring and respecting all parts of the creation.  No part better than any other part.  Looking to the elders for direction.

Humanity is the Firstborn Divine child; but the littlest kid on the block; with the greatest giftMatthew.  The gifMatthewt of Bringing LightLuke that has been squashed by the religious entity consuming human energy.  Causing us to miss Existent MarkJohn

In 75 years on the planet I have never heard a teaching on the water builders of  PERFUME of a Multitude of Nations of Laughter.  Let us take a closer look.

The three major religions took our original writings and made man dominate over everything.  Teach disrespect of the creation, sacrificing and yet and honoring only the human efforts.  Efforts that have created wars, famine, dis-ease and all other manner of distress.

There are many commonalities in the beliefs of the BHNA that are evident in the original texts from which scripture was interpreted. And many that reflect the understanding of the White ice Mountain, the Himalayas and particularly Mt. Kalish, the black stone that has never been climbed.

A black mountain of ice that is held in reverence.   Has never been fought over by religious wars that have been an ongoing battle between the three major religions needing to control a piece of the creation.  Called the Dome of the Rock.  Wrong rock; just like Petra is the wrong rock.

Mt. Kalish is an ice mountain.  Ice is the first created form – water, the garden of pleasure, four streams, paradise, serpent of wisdom.  Even the snake finds the hot water in the Himalyas so it can survive.

Water coming from the Ice crystal is the same crystal translated as 12 pearls, the gates of Revelation.

Caves of the Snow Leopard found only in the Himalayas.  The only Ice mountain found outside of the poles in the very region where the Human Gnome Project says all humanity originated.

The cranes that migrate over the Himalayas hidden in the translation.  The Lily was wife of  Egyptian month of sweeping away that produced the water crane.

Multitude of Nations was given to Laughter.   Then the Multitude of Nations took on Perfume.  Only in the Himalayas is found the Musk Deer the base used in all perfume.

Just because someone decided, INTERPRETED that Mulititude of NationsAbraham, Laughter Isaac and PerfumeKetura are people does not mean that is what we wrote.

Perfume of the Multitude of Nations has 13, that is water builders; 1 + 3 = 4 the door These builders are found in the FIRST HEAD HOUSE WINDOW with a door inside.  Translated Genesis 25:4.

Egyptian math Will Add cannot lie.  It is not human, it is the cycle of wisdom.  Egyptian math Will Add came from the Flamesur of the Eastchalees before any of its brethren  father/mother.

The White Ice Mountain of the Himalayas is in the EastChaldees.

The water building Perfume came from Striking a Musical Insidious Contest.  Insidious Contest Will Leave, A Sink coming from the Dell.  The Builders of the Contest is an Oath of 7, (the weapon) which is an indefinite amount in the Low Country.

The Contest is built by an Egyptian Measure, a Gazelle which Initiated the Father of Knowledge, Strength to Know.  Water built Perfume. And the water of Perfume drew the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest out of itself.

Just because a religious entity chooses to make these words be names of people does not make it what we wrote.  Gender infusion by the English language has created a Tower or Babel, confusion of languages.

Just because the religious entity insists that knowledge/gnosis is bad doesn’t make it so.

This is part of a table in the e-book Egyptian math Will Add which is in process of being written.

This blog barely touches on the commanality between BHNA and the original text from which the KJB was translated.

The major difference bewteen the religious entity of today is making humanity better than its elders, the gods of fire, water, air and earth from which all creation springs.

Ignoring the fact that every creation, thought, idea comes through the free gift of the Lower Egypt/earth using the strength of the SunlightSamson of Upper Egypt/heaven, the Queensmilcah house.

Everything the cars, the clothes, the food, the industries, the space shuttles, the web world, the paper, wood, gold, silver, metals.  World without end is the unconditional love gift of creation to humanity.  The Firstborn Divine Child humanity has forgotten its first estate of perfection.  Has become arrogant in believing that it has created something.  When all it has done is REMEMBEREDmale it.

It has forgotten the REMEMBEREDmale CLEAR WATERSnimrim Isaiah 15:6 and Jeremiah 48:34.

Very few REMEMBEREDMALE words; they are keys to the kingdom.

We can use the Strong Bridge across the chasm built by religious entities and discover what we wrote.  What we wrote has been verified by many different modalities over the years.

Whether it be science, math, Human Gnome project, major and minor researchers, medicine, industry etc.  What we knew and understood thousands of years ago is alive and well.  Despite all attempts to bury it.  Religion did not bury Galileo nor any of the other progressive people of knowledge seeking truth.

Those seeking to discover the laws of the universe rather than the laws of man.