The Strongbridge Database is completed.  Faster, easier searching for the original meaning of any of the original words in the original documebridge with red heifers crossing opposite directsionnts.

King James Bible has 826,812 words.  Until now the only way to search was by those 826,812 words.  Now we can cross the bridge to yesterday’s world of words and search from that position.

The vocabulary of the 66 books written by various authors between 1845BC – 70AD is approximately 12,000 to 13,000 words.  To understand the literal meanings of those few words is not a daunting task.

The JSE assigns 8,674#s OT and  5,624#s NT.  However many of them are duplicate in meaning.  Duplicated due to different transliterations due to different eras and different authors and due to capitalization which is not a function of the older languages.

Often a transliterated group of letters is given it own number with its actual meaning.  The same transliterated group of letters was given a different number because it had been capilitized and therefore appears to be a different word.  However the meaning does not change.  Fire means fire no matter what symbols are used to represent its meaning.

The capitalization was most likely first applied in the Greek rendition and then reapplied in the Old English, King James English and carried forward into modern English.

Knowing the true meaning of any word despite its transliteration is vital to reconstructing the original text.

What use to take days/weeks to accomplish can now be done in a few hours.  That is if we are searching to reconstitute the entire verse; to gain understanding and wisdom.  As opposed to getting some understanding about a singular word which we then plug into the religious myth we already believe.


The database is not new information;  but presented in a very simply way.  Instead of looking at a paragraph of information, it is seen on a single line presented in 9 columns.  With the entire word structure in subsequent lines.  This makes all the connections described in the original JSE, available at a single glance.

We no longer need to search through the paragraph to determine what the actual meaning was. Only to discover we have to thumb through several other pages to get the whole picture, the entire word structure.   Any single word meaning is found in the column of word meanings. Followed by the entire structure as laid out in the JSE.

We can now reconstitute any scripture quickly, accurately and easily.


Unused Root Words With No JSE Number

It does reveal some information previously very cumbersome to expose beyond a single word. Those words (in the database) are referred to as unused root words in the Old Testament and unnumbered words in the New Testament.  The meanings of these words was established in the JSE but no number was assigned.  The reason no number was assigned is they were simply part of a description of  specific words; which were given numbers.

Some of these unnumbered root words are the basis for a huge number of other numbered words.

For instance the unused root word twist is the basis for 2/16 words INTERPRETED as God and a plethora of other words in the KJB.   The unused root word twist produces  a huge crop of related words.  Apples do not grow on grape vines.  If the KJB God grows on that unused root word twist then anything else growing there is related.  A closer look reveals that this KJB word God does not mean God.  In addition there is feminine (non-gender) form of one of those God words.

Masculine Feminine Word Keys

With a single search,  the Strongbridge Database allows us to see the entire hierarchy of any word at a glance.  This is opposed to thumbing back and forth through numerous pages following the rabbit trail of numbers.  A trip necessary to establish the meaning of any word used in the KJB.

This Strongbridge Database is a very simple tool for using a dictionary of original word meanings.  Instead of wading through a mass of other information that is not necessarily useful nor needed in understanding any given scripture.  Searching 13,000 is not a daunting task.


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  • Classes; learn how to use this new approach to an old subject.
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