Wesak or Vesak, Oiled or Enlightened?

The RELIGIOUS KING that dominates the planet is a divisive king.  Not human; but human devised to control the masses.

This beautiful  planet has two places, 2 black rocks that the RELIGIOUS KING has convinced people to  bow down to as the one special place a special place  chosen by that particular RELIGIOUS KING.  This is not exclusive; there are many places and times that the RELIGIOUS KING demands homage from its followers.  We are looking at two BLACK ROCKS today.

Wesak or Vesak is being celebrated some time during the month of May 2014  but the date varies drastically country to country.  See chart below.  Why different dates?

The RELIGIOUS KING also dictates the calendar which divides humans. The RELIGIOUS KINGS are not human; but are human devised to control the masses.

Consider that there is a black dome of the rock that the three major RELIGIOUS KINGS have declared as the holy place and have proceeding to kill each other over who has the right to dictate who and when will visit this DOME OF THE BLACK ROCK.  A BLACK ROCK  encased in a human box and controlled and guarded by humans who deem themselves holier than thou.

The control passing from generation to generation.  The THREE MAJOR RELIGOUS KINGS killing each others followers to regain control.  When control is established;  then allowing certain others to enter in on certain days….others have to go underground to get near the rock…..in the city BUILT ON TWO HILLS formerly known as PEACE (Salem).  Which today we call Jerusalem?  A city quartered by the RELIGIOUS KINGS that rule their followers.

Then there is the other BLACK ROCK celebrated by another RELIGIOUS KING.  Which is the mountain of Mt. Kalish; upon which no human foot has ever touched.  That is except the religious myth taught by the RELIGIOUS KING about some person who did ascend the mountain.

The point being that the planet does not belong to humanity.  Humanity belongs to the planet.  Dividing and chopping up the planet as if one part is holier than the other part is the most ridiculous idea the RELIGIOUS KINGS ever came up with it.

Perhaps it is time to honor the planet each and every day.  Setting aside a special time is in and of itself not a incorrect idea.   The idea that this is the only day to honor our source, the place from which we emerged separates us from the very breast that feeds us.

The RELIGIOUS KING has done quite a number on this planet and it is time to stop and take thought about what we are doing…what KINGS are we are allowing to rule, divide and conquer us.

What are we trying to rule, divide and conquer???????????  Time to light our own lamp and remember who we have always been…one species on the planet amongst all our brother and sister species.  Every species formed and nurtured  by the same original gods, wind, water, fire and the earth elements.

The RELIGIOUS KINGS tell  us that the FIRST (Genesis) is the word of God; yet disguise the original text which tells us about the elohiyms, the plural gods of wind, water, fire and earth elements.

Why?  To protect their kingdoms from the revelation that the human pen put to paper 1845BC to 70AD and what they wrote does not match what the RELIGIOUS KINGS want us to believe.



Year in AD Thailand[12] Singapore Laos Myanmar Sri Lanka Cambodia Indonesia Nepal & India China Malaysia
2007 31 May 2550BE 31 May 31 May 2550BE 30 April 2551thBE 1 May 2551thBE 1 May 2551thBE 1 Jun 2551thBE 2 May 24 May 31 May
2010 28 May 2553BE 28 May 28 May 2553BE 27 April 2554thBE 27 May 2554thBE 28 April 2554thBE 28 May 2554thBE 27 May 21 May 28 May
2011 17 May 2554BE 17 May 17 May 2554BE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 10 May 17 May
2013 24 May 2556BE 24 May 24 May 24 May 2557BE 24 May 25 May 2557 BE 25 May 24 May 24 May
2014 13 May 2557BE 13 May   13 May 14 May   15 May 2558 BE 14 May   13 May

According to the web the celebration this month is when the ENLIGHTENED ONE and the OIL (Christ) come together.  Where does this occur in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  The RELIGIOUS KING has humanity believing that the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE is a person (Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, and several other words).  All of which mean the same thing.  Putting a capital letter on the word meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE gives the impression to English speaking reading people that this is the name of someone, something, or some place special.

The RELIGIOUS KING is very clever and has the planet locked into believing it is the ruler of not only the planet; but the universe.  How long will we bow down to the RELIGIOUS KING?

How long will we follow, like dumb sheep whoever sets itself up as the leader.  That is what sheep do, follow the leader thinking the leader knows where it is going.  Even over the cliff.