Who is Bar-Jesus

I usually blog about the Old Testament because unless we understand what we wrote 1845BC to 400BC, we cannot hope to understand what we wrote after that.

Previous blogs have explained that the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE is translated into several different so called names.  All of which are not yet revealed, as they are yet to be discovered.  Amongst them was Jesus, Esias, Joshua, Joshiah. Jehoshuah.

New Testament is based on Old Testament and many words refer back to the OT.  The JSE gives us the numbers that are used to identify words in the OT.   So we can discover their meaning. Provided we travel all the way back to the roots.

Many of those words are directly connected to the OT meaning and we find a word.  Some are not.  Sometimes two or more words from the OT are joined together in the NT to create a totally new word.  Just as Bar-Jesus.

In the case of Bar-Jesus, JSE refers back to a Chaldean word that means builder and is equal to the Hebrew word that means builder.  JSE refers us back to a combination word EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  There is another word BUILDER added in the NT.  Joined together this creates BAR-JESUS  BUILDER (of the) EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.

It is just a longer shoot of growth and we have to dig deep to uncover all the roots and see what growth has been added.  In this case builder, was added.

If we use the KJB translated word, son instead of the meaning builder.  Then BAR-JESUS would be the SON of JESUS.  The word son can be misleading in a gender based language such as English.

The correct meaning is BUILDER OF THE EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  It is found in the APPROACH translated as Acts.

“Acts 13:6 And when they had gone through the isle unto Paphos, they found a certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew, whose name was Bar-jesus:”

Remove all the added English words we find in the APPROACH WATER; there is a nail inside.  It is the nail that holds the window open; so the water can flow through.

The EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE is not open wide free if the window of light is closed.  No washing of the water can happen with a closed door.  Only an open door creates a window and only a nail holds it open.

This is how it reads in KJB without the added words.
“and through isle unto Paphos found certain sorcerer prophet Jew whose name Bar-Jesus.”  

The meaning of these words are this.

Athens, traverse, island, until, boiling hot, find, some/any, Magia (OT abundant chief) untrue,celebrated from using the hand power of ten (one united oxhead with the power of ten) who, name BUILDER EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.

I am not going to try and explain this scripture.  We have to understand what is the boiling hot?   We have to understand what celebrated from using the hand power of ten means. Then we can begin to formulate some questions.

Who is the chief magia referred back to?  What is untrue? Is there any untrue abundant chief from the OT?  Why?  Why?  How?  These questions are all answered in the OT.

Today, we live in a world of 750,000 English words and growing daily; then try to understand a few thousands words of yesterday in those terms.  Then we wonder why we stumble.

Why have so many come through the religious systems still seeking?  Dismayed, disgruntled for they know in the depths of their being what is true and what is not true.  We came to this planet as sparks of light, just like the first father.

Our population is burgeoning with Alzheimer patients who have chosen to live in the world that want.  They have rejected the world around them because it does not fit with what they know to be true; after having lived on the planet for some time.

Light Bringer complete wisdom, said “the ax is laid to the root of every tree that does not bring forth good fruit.”  Otherwise known as Luke 3:9

The Sky Records, akasha records flow through us.  We lack no good thing, nothing is hid from us except the veil of religion that blinds our eyes and hardens our hearts.  But like the WHITE ICE MOUNTAIN, the strength of the SunlightSamson can led us into all truth.

Reject the old, pretend like it never happened, does not exist and we remain in darkness.

We need no man to teach us, for the breath of life breathes us and leaves out nothing.  Religion is built by humans minds and then those human minds are trapped into its deceitful purposes, to control the masses.  That which we create then feeds on us to stay alive.

But like the little mole, tunnels are being created under the BRIGHT MEADOW so that the light can come through into the depths of the RED SOIL/mortality.  Not exclusive to humans.