walking band aid

Neutralizing gender in the Bible is a Band Aid.  The English language put the gender in the translations in the first place. 

All gender  must be removed.  Band aids only cover the wound, they do not heal it.  There is no band aid large enough to cover the planet without cutting out the strength of the Sunlight.

Twenty years of research has shown me there is virtually no gender in the original texts from which the King James Bible was translated.  All other Bibles are based upon this same translation.  There are no new translations; only rehashing, reforming, rearranging and making our own interpretions of the GENDER ENFORCED stories. 

These stories have not only generated domestic violence, but created slavery.  The holocaust to the planet is unfathomable.

When I first began to pull the twenty years of research into a written document, the intent was to call it Degenderizing God.  I did not know until recently, that biblical scholars were also in the process of creating a neutral gender version.  Neutral gender except god remains male gender. 

The word god 98% of the time means plural gods; yet is treated as if it is a singular all powerful, all knowing male person.  You might like to view the video GOD.  That word god is a created word and reveals much.

When will the religious world begin to traverse the Strong Bridge and bring us the fresh living water of the original writings?  This Bridge has a builder Depression.

Remove splintersThis website will be  removing the GENDER splinters, one a time.   The entire planet is aching from 400 years of gender enforced stories.  Stories that hold no water in the light of the original documents.  We are without excuse.  We just find it easier to listen to the song the pied pipers of the Warlords of Religion are playing. 

Hearing attachedOur ears are Attached (Levi) to  Hearing (Simeon) a bad report.  Not content with hearing a bad report we repeat it to the entire planet.

Easier to follow the generals, the  captains and lieutenants of the Warlords of Religion than to do as instructed SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND.  Just because a story has been repeated for generations does not make it true.

Look around and see the creation and understand how it works.  The magnificent skin of the earth is living and it is the source of our being.  We came from the worm that prepped the skin of its twin earth and made it fertile.

That fertile Black soil of lower Egypt produced the plants, insects, fish, birds and then the Red Soil, the animals.  All of these kingdoms were in preparation for the Master kingdom, human.  The kingdom destined to master self.  The kingdom destined to listen and observe all the elder kingdoms to grow in understanding that division always divides.

The creation story is all about EGYPT WILL ADD, never dividing, warring, struggling. 

  • We lack no good thing; but insist upon being victims of the Warlords of Religious HABITS. 
  • Who is in charge of our HABITS?  Is it the Warlords or is it self?

Read the blogs and discover the difference between gender enforced English and the original writings of no gender.

Begin to understand by reading the four  first grade primers We Are All Egyptians, available in the e-store.  Once these basic concepts are caught, then the extension of no gender is easy to follow in the blogs, audios, videos and other e-books.

Some words used by KJB for above descriptive phrases Samson, Levi, Simeon, Cush, Ethiopia, Mizraim, Geshur, Maachah/Maacar