Introducing a New Graphic

This is a graphic depiction of the latin argumentum ad nauseam that is another way of saying brainwash them.

brain washingRepeat over and over until they relent.  Beat them over the head with doctrines of the religious cults, families, nations, cultures, governments, philosophies, sciences, books, mathemathtics argementum ad nauseam.

Do this until they forget that the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD is humanity.  This child is the FULLY CONSCIOUS KINGDOM.  Conscious of every other kingdom ever created or ever will be created.  This FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD is destined to MASTER SELF.

2011 years a specific argumentum ad nauseam has been bombarding the planet, so that it would not REMEMBER who they have always been, the plural gods that rule and reign over self. 

The plural gods that listen to the elders who came before.  The elder plants, insects, animals, birds, reptiles, every mineral, every formation upon the BLACK MADONNA, lower Egypt/earth.

Do not let them see that they use these elders, reform them send them out as Voyagers, Rovers, satellites to far distant places.  Why?  To send back messages to the MASTER KINGDOM, the human kingdom destined to master self.  Still the babe learning how to master its envirnoment.

You will be hearing much about this argumentum ad nauseam and its historical record of dumping DIS-EASE upon the planet. 

Dis-ease is antithesis to what the original text from which the KJB was translated told us.  The BLACK MADONNA lower Egypt/earth is the lofty self entity spinning at REST.  At rest where?  In the HOT CONSPICUOUS EXPANSION OF REST, the QUEENS HOUSE upper Egypt/heaven.

Do not try to find these words in the KJB for they are not there.  Only the Strong bridge will take us there.  Free will choice, either stay stuck in the argumentum ad nauseam of the past 2011 years or break free.

2012 =  a window.  Jesus prayed “do not take them out of this world”. 

brain washingThe argumentum ad nauseum says struggle, work hard, strain, die and be judged.  The followers of this argument have been taken out regularly, DIED, because they believed the argumentum ad nauseam until they gave up.

Antithesis to what Jesus said, mortal must take on immortality.  Take it on, not die and go to heaven. We live in the Queens House which is the heavens, we came from the Black Madonna which is the earth.  This is upper and lower Egypt, our home.

We are the atomic structure of who we are.  We can add and subtract negative, positive and neutral conscious particles to REMEMBER that we always were the DIVINE FIRSTBORN CHILD, destined to MASTER SELF.

Cannot master self, take on immortality  and listen to the argumentum ad nauseam that surrounds us.  Intended to brain wash out the idea that we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  That includes everyone, it is not an exclusive country club run by priests.