Tower of Babylon means Confusion of Languages

Some have said they are confused by my writings, videos, graphics, etc.  Desiring me to wave a magic wand that will open blind eyes and deaf ears.

I have no magic wand but I do have a Strong Bridge that has supported me for 25 years.  Years of passionately seeking the unconditional love.

Ears and eyes tuned to Christianese language created through the many INTERPRETATIONS was a stronghold for me to break through.  Break through until I could hear the beautiful stories of creation that we the human wrote 3000 yrs ago.

Stolen Property

     Our stories written between 1845BC and 0AD do not belong to the Christian church; most especially to the solid rock of Petra, which is not even the rock that the church is being built on.

It is time for humanity to reclaim its divinity and to take back what has been stolen by the solid rock of Petra.  I am not referring to the Catholic Church: I am referring specifically to the entire 2.1 billion Christians who have not a clue what those writings were/are about.

My History with the Solid Rock Petra

The Bible was used as a weapon to control me and the masses for 50 years of my life. To the point of death August 31, 1986.

Seduction by the solid rock of Petra is like a drug.  Magic high for a moment, but passes as soon as the sex act is over.  Go to church on  Sunday, get your ears tickled; but when you need food or love or comfort, the comforter is not to be found there.

When the seduction is over or perhaps I should the coercion is over, then the hammer comes down, do this, don’t do this.  If you don’t confess, you are going to hell and will suffer forever;  we have the truth and you don’t.

The Forked Tongue of Seduction

The forked tongue speaking unconditional love immediately speaks of conditions.  Conflicting denominations conflicting their followers.

They not only differ on doctrine but do not agree upon symbology.  Although the mass of the 2.1  billion in the world use the cross as the reason to suffer in this world; to martyr oneself; to kill the other with the metal sword of Constantine.  Laying aside the sword of the spirit that Jesus brought us.

The sword of the spirit is to be used to rightly divide the word.  The metal sword has all but cut off the truth of the original writings.  Except for one man’s work, it would be lost forever.

Not My Choice

I did not choose the solid rock to crush me.  The solid rock came and took me from my Cherokee mother’s breast.  Brow beat me unto submission.  Cut my head off and told me that they knew best; especially a female, had no rights, could not teach, except maybe the children.  Then only after proper instructions from the head of the church.

Then only by permission of my husband.  Having beheaded him also, how could he make good decisions for multiple heads that bowed his back under the heavy load.

I suffered for 39 years with the blessing of the SRP that I should stay, it was my wifely duty.  By the Graciousness of the eternal spirit my life was spared.

Ask and you shall receive is found in the Light Bringer, translated Luke.  The power is held in the palm of the hand, translated 11:10.  I have asked for light and I have received light.

I said to God, if you are a God of unconditional love then you will not care if I read your book or not.  I refused to read the Bible for three years as it always felt like a beating.  Felt that way because it was intended that way and had been used that way.

The Mole and the Snow Leopard

A mole led me back into the James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, which became my Strong Bridge. Lev. 11:13

The mole led me to the Snow Leopard which said come away my beloved, come away from the heights of Amana, the caves of the Snow Leopard.  I had no idea what that meant, but I determined to discover whatever it was. Song of Songs of Peace 4:8

Moles do not sit on a concrete deck at midnight and cry until heard over the din of a group of people sharing a meal.  Moles do not sit and stare at the door when it is opened to those who heard the cry over their own din of pleasure.

But my wise elder the mole did just that.

What I have discovered is that the wild horses of the New Testament church are even  faster than the leopard. Branch of the One United Oxhead is pregnant translated Hab 1:8

“Their horses also are swifter than the leopards and are more fierce than the evening wolves; and their horsemen shall spread themselves and their hosemen shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle hasteth to eat”. :9 they shall come all for violence their faces shall sup up the east wind and they shall gather the captivity as the sand.”

Do you hear the sound of sand being crushed under the heavy weight of the solid rock Petra.

I have received and now I am giving what I have received to those who have ears to hear, eyes that are open (city of almonds) and a heart to know they are the firstborn divine child.  Our birthright of Laughter has been smashed by the solid rock of Petra.  Replaced by pious somberness.

In exchange it teaches toil, struggle, pain, disharmony, distrust, die and then go where we already live, in the Queens house upper egypt/heaven.

The heavy rock grows bigger and bigger crushing the sand of the sea underneath its fat belly.

Or maybe I should say we have been willing to give up our birthright and let big daddy, Petra take care of us.

Big Daddy does not even give unto Caesar what is due Caesar, taxes. Does not contribute to the common welfare but holds its greedy hand out and demands 10% tithe.  In addition requires its hostages to go out and do its dirty work; strong arm everybody into converting to Christianity;that means followers of the oil (Christ).

Following so far behind that they cannot see Jesus is still passing the basket of bread and fishes to all and never asking to be supported.  Just come ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

The basket is passed amongst the converts to support the SRP that does not support them.

Wars of This World Led by the Emperor

All the wars of this planet, since the advent of the SRP are directly connected to the sword of Constantine wielded by the church against all who would choose something other than their way.

Proudly proclaiming that America is a Christian nation; one that goes out and kills everything and everyone that does not agree with the Christian philosophy of male supremacy domination.

This tactic has managed through multiple wars to reduce the number of those practicing Judasim down to less than 1/5 of one percent of the population.

Jesus, the Jew did not teach war, except the war of our spirit within.

Jesus, the Jew did not use coercion.  The Jews of modern day also reject this peaceful warrior.

Jesus never said to convert to some religious order that did not even exist in his time.  Had he said that, it most likely would have been Judaism.

Jesus was/is not a Christian.  Christians under the solid rock of Petra have not put on the oil; translated Christ…..mind.  They are too busy beating on every other person they come across.  Why?  They do not feel loved, cared for nor nurtured by what is called the Mother Church?

This is not the Mother Church of Christ.  Mary means Rebellious; which is not meek and mild.  There are at least 12 different Rebellious in the New Testament.

Mother is not honored in the SRP except to some degree in the Catholic denomination.  Mother has no voice, no presence, no honor.  Mother is the servant of the church, not by choice but by decree of the SRP.

Walked Across the Strong Bridge

I took the KJB in hand and walked across the Strong Bridge and  sat down on the OTHER SIDE translated as Eber. I stayed until I could hear differently, feel differently when reading the scripture.

Determined to find the unconditional love or forever burn the Bible.

The JSC is the result of one man’s lifetime of documenting every single word in the original manuscripts.  Giving us the language, the essence of the meaning and all the words used to convey that message.  Every word in every scripture is there.

Conveniently used by the SRP to pick and choose words that reinforce what they already believe and teach.  Only one that I am aware of saw something different and that was James Fillmore, who gave us the Metaphysical Dictionary.  A start, but still only a drop in the bucket of good news to be discovered.

A Very Tiny Book

A very tiny book and its stories  was confused and confounded by all the additional English words infused to make the KJB translation grammatically correct.  Published for the populace that could neither read nor write.

As a consequence English teachers taught English not spiritual truths.  Myths that are taught as the WORD OF GOD have infused the planet with dis-ease. Oh my god what if it is true!!!!!!

I dare say that the 2.1 billion Christians on the planet have not a clue what was written between 1845BC and 0AD.  I can tell you it is not what has been pushed upon the people for 2011 years.


The symbols of fish, water, wine and bread, symbols of creation, have been replaced by the metal sword of war, the shape of a cross.  A sword used to kill our brothers, by whatever name and whatever religious order they belong to.

There is no scripture that gives us the right to do that; neither in the translation nor in the original writings.

Only the INTERPRETATIONS made by the solid rock Petra to control the sheep and goats give us any such right.  Only those chosen few are given the right to behead the men, women and children.

This is man’s right, man’s doctrine  of demeaning, belittling and controlling all who would oppose it.  It is the doctrine of demons and devils created by the religious fervor of nonsense.

The Tithe Where Does it Go?

2.1 billion Christians  that give 10% and more of their livelihood,should be able to wipe all sorrows, all famine, all war, all that would rob from the King of Peace (Solomon).  Whose pockets are being lined with that resource?  For what reason?

Same reason for the Christian attempt at indoctrinating the military portion that has not been converted.  Guess all the doors in American have been knocked on and now the institutions.

Still the hue and cry of Holy War rings around the world,  a song sung by every religious order that would dominate and control.  So far as I know only the Jehovah Witness refuse to fight.  They were ostracized for daring to see and say that humans are the plural gods.  They choose not to be gods of war.  Too bad the rest of the religions do not choose the same way.

Blessings of Petra

The solid rock of Petra blessed Constantine and blessed Hitler. Why?  It blessed and participates in the Crusades the most recent one against the middle east.  This is a religious war and in the process our rights as free human beings are being compromised.

The power of the largest corporation on the planet, Petra wields its sword in the political arena.  Where is the separation of church and state?

How Long Did I Stay on the Other Side of the Strong Bridge?

  • Stayed until the din of shame, blames, guilt, condemnation of not being good enough began to fade in my memory.
  • Stayed until I could hear the unconditional love in the Big Bang of First translated as Genesis.  FIRST was written in 1688BC, translated 1000 years later in 1640AD.
  • Stayed until I discovered the King Bridge built by the Depression.
  • Stayed until I could hear the sounds of creation being created.
  • Stayed until I could see the beauty of creation being created.
  • Stayed until I could hear unconditional love in Hated, translated Job and written in 1845BC translated in 1640AD.
  • Stayed until I could see the rapidly moving soil becoming the sea monster, that would become the FIRST lofty self entity, the Black Madonna lower egypt/earth being birthed out into the Queens house upper egypt/heaven.
  • Stayed until I could see there was no gender, there was no time as we define it today.  There are no directions as we define them today.  Everything is in relation to the creation which is the center of the universe.  Human is not the center; but defines gender, time and directions as if human was the center of the universe.  Causing great confusion.
  • Stayed until I saw the Black Madonna, lower egypt/earth break through the Ice Mountain into the Queen’s house upper egypt/heaven.
  • Stayed until the meaning of letters/#s/words showed me how to use them to understand the writings.
  • Stayed until the oil translated Christ was freely flowing in and through me.
  • Stayed until the oil was lit and became a flame.
  • Stayed until the light came.
  • Stayed until wisdom showed up.
  • Stayed until my eyes opened to the single Egyptian eye of  the plural gods. The shape of an almond.
  • Stayed until I saw the single Egyptian black pupil which is the center of the plural gods single eye.
  • Stayed until I saw the rainbow put in place, preparation for the Firstborn Divine Child, humanity.  This is the iris of plural gods single Egyptian eye.
  • Stayed until I understood who and what the plural gods were and are.
  • Stayed until I understood that the Firstborn Divine Child, humanity is destined to lovingly master self.  When that is understood war against other will be no more.
  • Stayed until my ears opened to the sound of good news; the sound of the breaking of dawn, the morning song.
  • Stayed until I knew there was no such thing as fallen man, except as light that came down from heaven.
  • Stayed until I understood what the conspicuous position meant despite being translated into name/Shem.  The conspicuous position of Rest translated Noah.
  • Stayed until I could hear the sound of Laughter coming through  a Multitude of Nations, translated Isaac and Abraham.
  • Stayed until I saw the Reward of Peace coming through Egyptian builder #7 the sacred full one.  Coming through the Egyptian King Loving the Egyptian blder #7.
  • Stayed until I understood Egyptian math, Will Add until it becomes the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest, the ark drawn out of the waters of creation, the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of the Testimony;  all the same ark, humanity.
  • Some say that I could not possibly know what I know, as I did not let some other human teach me.  Scripture says that we need no man, that our spirit will teach us.
  • Some say my passion is arrogance; if that be true, let it be the arrogance of knowing who I am, the Firstborn Divine Child, just like you and every other human past, present and future.
  • Stayed until I could see that the one united oxhead to the power of ten cannot fail. It is the wheel in the wheel that generates everything.
  • Stayed until the work of faith brought forth giant  fruit to share with those who desire such fruit.
  • Stayed until I saw that egypt is not a tiny piece of terra firma.  Yes it is law, the law of the universe and it does not and cannot fail to replicate whatever we desire.
  • Stayed until I understood that I and everyone else is Egyptian birthed from the womb of the Black Madonna lower egypt/ earth. Live, breath, laugh, love and dance in the Queens house, upper egypt/heaven.
  • Stayed until I saw the Depression under the King Bridge and all that it contains.
  • Stayed until I discovered the Answers of Yah.  Can the solid rock tell you where that is found?
  • Stayed until I saw that every story taught to me, three years old until 50 years old is a distorted version that holds no weight on the scale of our original writings.
  • Stayed until I saw that we, the Firstborn Divine Child came from the Other Side/Eber across a Little Earthquake and therefore Hebrews.  Sprouted through the Little Earthquake from the Black Madonna lower egypt/earth; live in heaven.
  • Stayed until I knew that we, the Firstborn Divine child are the plural gods that rule, translated Israel.
  • Stayed until I saw very clearly the progression of creating the creation and how to apply it to my life.
  • Stayed until I am no longer willing to let anyone rob me of the Joy of my salvation.  All were saved, being saved and will be saved; none are lost.  How could an all knowing, all seeing, everywhere present god make a mistake?
  • Stayed until I saw where the mistake/s were/are made.  The translation is not where the mistakes are made.  The mistakes are made in the INTERPRETATIONS of a  multitude of denominations that cannot agree upon anything.
  • Anyone can do what I did.  Take the KJB go across the Strong Bridge and camp out.  Don’t leave until the Rising of Light comes through you.
  • Don’t let anyone tell  you that you have to have a priest, prophet, a teacher, a pastor or anyone else to teach you; you do not need anyone else.  Jesus said you are prophet, priest and king of your own life.
  • Stayed until I learned that mortal taking on deathlessness translated as immortality is not dying and going someplace where we already reside, heaven.
  • Whoever has not missed the mark, the conspicuous position gets to throw the first stone.
  • Stayed until I understood the mark of the beast man, 666, the serpent cycle of wisdom. Wisdom we can have in any measure we so desire.
  • Stayed until I saw the Rising of Light, first through the Red Earth and then through the Upright Palm Tree.  The Rising of Light holds the birthright, evidenced by the red cord tied to the  hand of power.
  • Stayed until I saw the birthright was passed on to the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest; there is nothing outside of that treasure chest.  All seed of all things are in the treasure chest.  They got there by Egyptian math Will Add.
  • Stayed until I saw Egyptian math Will Add was the secret to everything.  It alone carries the conspicuous positions of Multitude of Nations, Laughter, Will Rule as Plural Gods.
  • Stayed until I saw what black truly meant and it has nothing to do with slavery.
  • Stayed until I understood circumcision which has nothing to do with mutilating human bodies.
  • Stayed until I understood the desert was the birthplace of humanity.
  • Stayed until fully satisfied withe the unconditional love of creation for the creation.
  • Stayed until Happy was discovered, the Happy branch extending and still extending even today.
  • Stayed until I understood the difference between a branch and branch extending both translated as tribe with no differentiation between the two.
  • Stayed until there was no more doubt that I and you are the Firstborn Divine Child, humanity and it is clearly seen through the meaning of the original texts.  Buried under 750,000 English words and 1 million definitions of words today.
  • Stayed until no man can steal my birthright of immortality.
  • I stayed and stayed and am still there, learning, growing, changing under the guidance of unconditional love.

I will stay until the Firstborn Divine Child reclaims the documentation of the creation story that the solid rock Petra has stolen.  Bits and pieces are doled out in stories that support the rock not the people.

  • Not only stolen; but has made huge profits on the distribution of those perverted stories.
  • Kept the profits for itself.

Forgiveness of Sins Only by Repentance

This is major tenet of the solid rock of Petra.  The solid rock  is not forgiven, by its own definition.  Not until it confesses the transgressions against the Firstborn Divine Child, humanity.  And stops its activity of intimidation by using the Bible as a bludgeon of control.

Not until it prays the prayer of God Hears translated Samuel:  God forgive me, even though Samuel had not transgressed.  The solid rock has greatly transgressed on many levels across the planet.  The solid rock is guilty of self serving, gratification at the expense of humanity.

Unconditional Love of Self

We cannot give unconditional love unless we let ourselves have it first.  Else we are always giving from a cup that is half full and emptying. Love your neighbor AS yourself.  How we love self, is how we love other.

The basis of the teaching of the solid rock Petra is to keep them humbly guilt ridden and keep control. We have the big club and they are the dumb sheep and stubborn goats. We will whip them into submitting at all costs.

Don’t teach them how to love themself.  They must learn to love the weight of the solid rock pressing on their backs.   To  constantly remind them, we will use the metal cross, the sword of war and control.

We cannot possible give what we will not let ourself have.  The church denies the right to decide the question of human reproduction; but stands in favor of killing each other. It is a sin to destroy the child in the womb, we need a replacement for the ones being killed in our religious wars.

The rock supports war.  Blesses war. Supported slavery, supported stealing the identification of Native Americans.

The rock has much to repent of.

Enough is Enough

When is enough enough?  I have had my fill.   How about you?

Do you have any interest in discovering what our human pen actually wrote?  Or are you content with the status quo of billions of humans suffering under shame, blame, guilt..

Christianity is almost 1/3 of the worlds population.  Why is the other 2/3 starving?  It is not food, water, housing that is killing us; it is the lack of unconditional love.  1/3 of the worlds population demands that the other 2/3 conform to its belief system, on penalty of eternal fire of damnation.  How is that an expression of unconditional love?

There is not one person on this planet that has not been infected with dis-ease distributed by the solid rock of Petra.  It is deep in our psyche that we are flawed, damaged, weak, imperfect.  Teachings of the solid rock of Petra following behind the oil far enough so that it does not slip up.

There is a rock, actually it is an open pile of rock where Jesus has always been building the church.  The solid rock Petra won’t tell you that.  Since it is set in the doctrines, traditions, theologies, doxologies ad nauseam.

Jesus said be perfect; nothing about doing perfect.  The Firstborn Divine Child, humanity is perfect in all of its expressions.  It will become more beautiful as it learns to love self; so selfs cup is full and overflowing and cannot possible do anything but love.

For a long time I thought that the myths being taught was simply a matter of the SRP not knowing.  Today, I find that difficult to believe since the nation is full of scholars of religion.  So why has this document been ignored, overlooked, abused and disused since it was first published in 1900?  Who doesn’t want the boat rocked?  and why?

drop of water falling into waterSome other things I have learned are documented in my e-books, We Are All Egyptians.  This is early research and since the writing have come to understand so much more.  Not only is there no gender, no time, no directions, no seasons as we think of them today.  We wrote about humanities nature; not individual people.

in the blogs of this site. In the daily tweets is my current understanding.  This is an ongoing process; I have tasted one drop of living water and thirst for more and more than willing to break bread and share the wine.

I invite any and everyone who so desires to join me on the other side of that Strong Bridge with the KJB in hand.