When Did the Water Crane Appear?

The Water Crane appears in the 44th generation of lower Egypt, earth.  Which is the 46th generation of the Queen’s house, upper Egypt.  The Queen’s house is the head, the ruler of lower Egypt. earth.

#4 means copulate; Egyptian letter #4 denain and Hebrew daleth represent door

  • So we have two copulating doors of lower Egypt, earth.   That would be doors opening and closing, revolving, allowing ingress and egress.

#6 is the overplus and Egyptian letter #6 ur, and Hebrew vau represent the nail.  The nail punctures the door of lower egypt and then the overplus holds, so that the nail that came from the Queen’s house, upper egypt does not continue on through lower Egypt, earth. 

Same principle as gravity; holds just enough to keep us on the surface and does not pull us inside.  Gravity is no respector of weight, height, width, pulling all with the same force.  Neither is the Queen’s house, shedding light on everything and everyone .

The Water Crane is a descendant of the Upright Palm Tree.  It is the Upright Palm tree through which came twins, A Break and Rising of Light .  The Upright Palm tree  holds the birthright of the first water door.  All plants hold the birthright.  They take light from the Queen’s house, upper egypt and water from the well of Living Water of lower Egypt and convert it into matter.

Not until the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM was birthed, which is the Firstborn was there another birthright given in the original scrolls. 

We do not get to use that birthright until we learn how to MASTER SELF.  Which first requires leaving off ruling other.  Active ingredient in the Cherokee medicine bag; DO NOT INTERFERE in another’s walk.

For this blog we begin at the 29th  (house cycle) descent of the Queens house, upper Egypt and the 27th (house indefinite weapon) descent of the Lower Egypt, where we find the Strong Crown .

Perhaps you would like to read about the builders of the Water Crane.  This has been taught as names of human beings; but is actually process.  What does this say to you?  What do your ears hear?  What dod your eyes see?

  1. The builder of this Strong Crown is Destructive.
  2. The builder of Destructive is Liberal.
  3. The builder of Liberal is the Exaltation of Two Nostrils.
  4. The builder of Two Nostrils is Saving.
  5. Saving only had an open punctured builder, who was given to the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away.
  6. The builder of the open, punctured Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away was  Egyptian Wishful.
  7. The builder of Egyptian Wishful was Egyptian Timely.
  8. The builder of the Egyptian Timely was Egyptian Given.
  9. The builder of the Egyptian Given was Egyptian Giver.
  10. The builder of the Egyptian Giver was Egyptian Judge.
  11. The builder of the Egyptian Judge was the Egyptian Serving.
  12. The builder of the Egyptian Serving was the Egyptian Jehovah is He.
  13. The builder of the Egyptian Jehovah is He, was Egyptian Yah Has Helped.
  14. The builder of the Egyptian Yah Has Helped was Egyptian Strength.
  15. The builder of the Egyptian Strength was Egyptian God Has Made.
  16. The builder of the Egyptian God Has Made was the Egyptian Water Crane.

I end the generating process here, although it is not the end of the Egyptian Water Crane.

We err grossly when we interfere with the texts and make our own interpretations.  Lock them into HABITS that become destructive to the original meanings. 

 When we make generations of the Queen’s house of Upper Egypt, heaven and the generations of the Well of Living water, Lower Egypt, earth, be human; we fall into Babylon.  The confusion of languages. 

The MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM is only growing in the womb of  the MASTER SHIP, Egypt during the development and birthing of the plant, bird and animal kingdoms.

This MASTER KINGDOM  is not birthed until  These Trebled ; the door of the head of the house.  Translated as Exodus 4:22  The MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM is the door to the head of the house that rules self.

Opportunities will be made available in Santa Fe NM very soon where this type of writing can be explored in depth. 

  1. Opportunities for those serious in learning what the ancient texts really said. 
  2. Opportunities for those ready to shed the old HABIT and put on the mantles of prophet, priest and king of their own house.
  3. Put on the mantles of Rebellious and the father by law, Will Add.
  4. Those seeking to rule themselves.
  5. Those unashamed to declare they are the FIRSTBORN; doing all that Jesus did and even MORE.
  6. Those seeking to discover what the MORE IS.

HOPE to see for those opportunities  to discuss, learn and grow together. 

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