To decipher what we really wrote 1845BC to 70AD requires an understanding of what the word ten actually represents.

Words have meaning that includes words llike one, two, three, four, etc.  When we read the scripture and see these words our minds go to mathematical equations.

This drags us off into a deep dark woods of confusion.

Transliterated letters are half of the key to the way that those words, one, two, etc. were used in the original text.

All 22 letters of Egyptian, Chaldean, Hebrew origin are found within the ten.  English has 26 letters, but in the transliteration we find additional entries such as ch, th, tz,  All of these are also found within the 10…which actually means the OPEN HAND OF POWER.

This is the POWER OF TEN which today we understand as a math equation.  The word HAND causes the confusion because we look at the English word HAND and decide that means a human hand.  However, a human hand is not ten digits; unless we consider the empty spaces between the fingers.

With this knowledge we can better see what the assignment of chapter and verse words, one, two, three are actually conveying to us.

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Hope to see you there as we reclaim what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD writings that are the basis for the single book called Bible.

A book that at best is only 1/3 translated, 1/3 transliterated and the balance simply added English grammar words intend to support the religious myths that have abounded since humanity began