You are Invited

To assist in gathering the jigsaw puzzle pieces that the human kingdom has created with its pen and its water cove translated in King James Bible as the tongue.

This website supplies one piece.  Whether it be a corner piece or simply another piece does not matter.

One Pen

There is only one pen, the human pen.  The one held in the power of ten, the hand and the one that is the carrier of tales, the water cover, translated in King James as tongue.

The pen has scribed letters, numbers, words, pictures on cave walls, animal skins, papyrus, paper, metal, plastic, airways, movies, books, sacred, profane, ad nauseum.

The water cove has left messages in the waters of  life.  Some increase the living water and some defile the same water.   Can water be both salty and fresh????   Both muddy and clear????

The breath of life full of water messages is and always has carried  all of those messages.

The mastership, Egypt, that is translated heaven and earth is the lofty self entity that purifies those waters every 9 days.   The mist going up from this lofty self entity only remains in the atmosphere nine days.  The water listens to what numbers nine says:  turn to the next full number.  End this cycle. This mist of water, heavy with messages returns to the mastership for cleansing.

This mastership Egypt is the original Red Heifer sacrifice.  Those ashes always restore the waters back to life; cleansing all who have touched the body of death.  Heifer is of non gender; just as there is almost no gender in those 3000 year old scrolls

Can we hear the commonality or are we still locked into divisions, wars, mine and yours, his and hers, them and ours?  Are we still held in the cold grip of a language that uses gender as its base for differences?  When no gender is found in those 3000 year old scrolls.

Or are we headed to another ice age, so that the messages in the water can be cleansed and renewed?

You are invited to help put the puzzle together.  You have a piece, a tradition, a heritage, an experience, a knowledge that either connects to the piece presented on this website or augments and brings it into a clearer focus.

This site is about unification, not cloning.  Each part of the creation is a unique expression of whatever words we use to define our source.  Let our words cease to be divisive.

An open heart always opens the eyes and ears to a new view.

The elders have received our scribblings and have kept them available for the generations.


The 3000 year old scrolls describe Egypt as the Mastership; heaven and earth.

The native tradition would say it is Turtle.  Turtle being both a land and water animal; its back represents the first land mass emerging out of the water.   These stories do not contradict each other.  They are simply told in a different manner, using a different symbology.

This is the invitation being put out, to find the common root and help it to grow.

Hannahschild and Little Bird

Some information is only available by private individual and small group sessions.