A little glimpse of the history that led to this website.

Born into the dust bowl, depression era on the Great Plains about 75 years ago.  The environment forced the family to move about looking for work and food.

Cherokee Heritage

It was not a good idea to reveal your native heritage and so mine was hidden from me until a few years ago.  That heritage is Cherokee and the blessing in the dispersion of the Cherokee was the assimilation into the greater community called America.  Thus the Cherokee for the most part did not become dependent children, wards to be cared for by the government.

The additional blessing is that the Cherokee philosophy is, do not mess in an other’s walk as you will drive them off their course.  Leave them alone; everyone has inbuilt into them all the information needed to walk their life’s journey.

So I can view my life’s experience as the red path of destiny that gave me the experiences needed to find the passion of my life.  Now I share that passion with you.

Christian Experience

We traveled about and  from the age of three the church always came and found me. My family never attended, but allowed me to go; which is the Cherokee way. It was my destiny to experience what eventually would lead to my deliverance and to developing this website.

I had the opportunity to view firsthand many of the denominations of Christianity.  Each one said the love of god was unconditional and then proceeded to tell me what I had to do to merit, to earn that love.  This never computed in my brain.

I followed that pathway until the point of death 24 years ago.

Mole and Snow Leopard lured me in

I was given a second breath of life.  At which time I decided that if the love was unconditional then whether or not I read His book, would not matter.  I determined to test it and refused to read the Bible as it always made me feel beat up, unworthy, rejected, hopeless, etc.

Three years passed and I had invited some friends to my home.  It was late.  We were eating, laughing enjoying the remnants of the evening; when a strange sound interrupted us.

It persisted and when I opened the kitchen door, there on the raised cement patio was a MOLE.  The mole, totally out of its element, the earth, was looking directly at the door and making its sounds toward us.

I had no concept of totem animals then; but I recognized there was a reason for this event.  I went into the Strong’s concordance to see if mole was there.  Mole led me to the passage that said: Come away my beloved from the heights of Amana, from the caves of the SNOW LEOPARD.

I had not a clue what that meant; but said okay, maybe there is something in this book besides hurt, pain, blame, shame, condemnation, death, devil and hell.

The Snow Leopard can traverse the Himalayans as far as any prey.  Can also go down into the heat of the Gobi desert to find its prey. The snow leopard kept luring me on and is still my main totem.

The snow leopard has been my constant companion, the same way that birds and animals had kept me alive during the previous years. The snow leopard led me back into the Bible from a different vantage point.

Journey of Passion Begins

Thus began the 20 years passionate journey of searching out the original intent of the 3000 year old writings from which the earliest books of King James Bible was translated.  The other books are written later in Palestine by other authors.

That alone should be enough to cause one to stop and ponder today.

It was like rabbit trail, little tidbits that kept luring me deeper and deeper into the passion which developed into a full time project the past 10 years.  A project that is documented in volumes of tables, charts, stories, audios, videos, etc. which will be shared on this website.

Discovery and Struggle

King James is the first grade primer.  When that primer water is poured into the pump of the strong concordance, the messages in the waters of creation come pouring forth.

Many years passed and I beat myself up.  Surely I was not seeing this correctly.  I must be wrong, what I was seeing and hearing, did not match the stories that this entire planet has been feeding on and repeating for 400 years.

Surely all the theologians, preachers, evangelists must know more than me.

I kept documenting my findings and kept seeing that the meanings of the numbers, letters and words when combined were telling the stories as they had been written 3000 years ago.

I wondered why the verses each contained very few words.  Especially once all the added grammar words were removed.  Instantly there is no gender only form and function.

Still I kept struggling as so many thousands before me had struggled to make sense of the King James translation.

Hearing  and Listening to the Elders

Very recently, I heard my elders, the letters, numbers and words say to me.  You have been confessing that we are the elders and we tell the stories; why don’t you let us do that?  Why don’t you stop trying to make sense of the King James translation and let us tell the stories?

You nor anyone else can make sense of the King James translation; that was not its purpose.

Once I really listened to my elders and everything is our elder; I began to let go.  Then the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle the human pen has created began to fall into place.

The order of the books of King James are not in the order of thier historical documentation.  I do not believe there was a diabolical scheme to defraud or mislead.

The translation was made coming out of the dark ages for a people who for the most part could neither read nor write.  Stories that were about something other than eating, sleeping, drinking, working and having sex.

The King James translation stands on it own merit.  However, we have  managed to create people from the words in the stories; where there are no people.  Except as the human kingdom being formed in the womb of creation.

Creating individual persons prematurely caused distortions.  We took the words in King James and made them be  people, where there are no people.  This created a tower of babel, confusion of languages.

Then we built monster stories that do not stand up in the face of the original meanings.  However, do reveal the unconditional love of whatever word we use to mean source.

The Law of the Universe Allows Free Will

Everything is held together by a law superior to human law; that allows the baby kingdom of human to make free will choices, learn and grow.  Destined to become master of self; not other.

What is called genealogies are actually the building blocks and when viewed from that posture as opposed to human beings a totally different view comes into sight.

Personal Credits

I could give you lots of personal history over the past 75 years; lots of titles and accomplishments; but I desire for this work to stand on its own merit.  Those who are seeking what I have to share will find it; not because of any accomplishments or awards the world has bestowed upon me.

I am just another Cherokee Red Heifer willing to share my life experiences, if they can be of service to you.  If so please indulge yourself.  Immerse yourself in the videos, audios, the writings etc.

All the intentions of the creation were in the waters and there is no new water.  Those messages are in you, in the water that we have shared with all of the kingdoms of this world, mineral, plant, animal, bird, reptile, insect.  All of have drank of the same water.  All have and do partake of the same messages carried by the water.

The mist that goes up from the Mastership Egypt stays 9 days, one cycle of wisdom and then returns to the earth for cleansing.  Native tradition would call that Turtle, the water land animal whose back first emerged out of the waters of creation.

I hope you will share your pieces of our puzzle that dovetail with or increase the width, heighth and depth of the story the single pen of the human kingdom has scribed.

The Mastership Egypt is the original Red Heifer sacrifice, burning and cleansing the water.  All parts of it are burned including the dung.  The ashes are restored in the waters and the waters cleanse from all bodies that have  touched death.

Perhaps we have volcanic eruptions that create ice ages because the dung of death gets too deep and the only way to restore the balance is to freeze the water again.

The 3000 year old scrolls were written after the last ice age, 70,000 years ago.  The stories begin with ice melting.  Our common mitDNA goes back 170,000 years ago and so must the stories written by the human pen and water cove (tongue) go back there and even farther.

May we find that the jigsaw puzzle really does fit together.  May we find a way to put the pieces together to the end that we share a common goal of self mastery.  We are the kingdom destined to master self; not other.  Without the elder kingdoms, the baby human cannot live.

Hannahschild with Little Bird will be telling the stories and waiting to hear your pieces of our puzzle.