bullEverything on this website is about bringing the LITERAL VOICES of the original authors into today’s world.  By decoding the Bible. What are those voices saying today?  The first thing that happens is all evidence of gender is removed.  We are left with the I in the Old Testament and SELF in the New Testament.  Gender  is just the tip of the iceburg of religously held beliefs hiding the sweet little book of Revelation 9, 10.

What has been spoon fed to the masses is bitter in the belly, full of gender shame, blame, sin, condemnation, devil, devastation and the worship of a father son figure.  More properly the father sun, which has nothing to do with gender.  Those preciously held beliefs simply disappear when the original word meanings are applied.  The little book that is sweet like honey in the mouth is revealed.

There are some specific steps we can take to decode the English version.  Elsewhere on this site you fill find those steps.  First step you can take right now.  If we enter into the old doorway, our beautiful mind goes down the old pathway of memory. that is its job.  We cannot erase memory; but if we enter into a different, a new doorway, our mind creates a new pathway to understanding.

First step is to set on the back burner all that you have learned about the English Bible.  The English Bible is the source of the English language that we use every day.  There was no dictionary to follow.


About 250BC Macedonian Greek Ptolemy II ruling Egypt, the entire Mediterranean coastline, asked the High Priest “surrounded twist of strength “(Eleazar) to bring a copy of the Hebrew religious law, the Jewish people in Egypt were speaking Greek.  Hebrew is a symbolic religious language  of the priesthood, the law of the priesthood was put into Greek law as Greek symbolic stories.  Later into Latin law and then into English law.  The basis for the Christian religion.

Law means the ink and the paper have become one, they are married and the evidence of that marriage is the paper and ink.

This religous Hebrew law was transferred/written into Greek religious law.  Later it was put into Latin religous law.  How did it become English religious law?

English as we know and understand it had it beginings in the mid 1300sAD,  when Latin writing, French speaking, wealthy land owners began to write English law, without benefit of a dictionary.  They created the English words. The great vowel shift occured.  Sounds made deep in the throat were raised to a higher level.  Letters were created and removed, etc. Sound is the way people communicated not by words written on paper which is all that law is.  Only the wealthy land owners and the church knew what those words meant.

The Great Bible of KIng Henry VIII, published 1539AD, is the seond source of the English language based on English law and English interpretations of a wide variety of documents written from 1845BC into the ADs. Documents that contain words from a wide variety of languages, Syrian, Oriental, Persian, Chaldean, Aramaic, etc. as well as many words whose source language could not be identified. The English Bible is the property of the Crown of England to this day.  Elsewhere it is in public domain..

It would be 60 years before the first English Dictionary was published.  1604 a Puritan priest, Robert Cawdry published “The Table Alphabeticall, contryning and teaching the true vvriting and vnderftang of hard vfuall Englith wordes, borrowed from the Hebrew, Greeke, Latine or French &c.” .  This contained 3000 English words, none of which are religious words.  He thought the people had a right to know something about what was being preached from the pulpit and bandied about in public,

3,600 years after the oldest writing in the Bible, “hated”  (Job in the Bible) and 300 years after that first English Bible required to be read in every English church, a Methodist theology, James Strong produced the James Strongs Exhaustive Concordance.  The oldest available to the genral public today is 1920 edition.  Subsequent publications have altered some of the content, mainly due to not recognizing the importance of some key words.  They have removed the numbers and added them to the original appendix.  Even the work of James Strong is being eroded away.

This concordance,  gave us the means to understand the original text. It is accepted across the Christian world as the authority.  However, this incredible research done with pen and paper married together is extremely cumbersome to use in an efficinet manner.  Therefore its full potentail has never been realized.  Until now.

After 25yrs exclusively with the 2 books married to each other, the King James Bible and the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance a new format has emerged.  One where we can see how each and every word of original text was formed and compare it with the Bible the interpreters version.  There are 8 components in every number in the JSEC completely visible.  No more tedious note taking while searching through the rabbit trail of numbers.  An effort that usually ends in frustration and not caring why the search began in the first place.

  • There is probably an actual original vocabulary of about13,000 words or less, compared to the 860,000 English Bible words. PREVIOUSLY the only way to search out a word meanings was starting with one of those 860,000 and taking copious notes to follow the rabbit trail of meanings.  Words have roots just like any plant and what grows on those roots is relevant to the root.  The rose blossom is only the end result of the many stages of growth from the root up.  So too with any word, we must see the entire structure in order to understand what a rose is. The seed of anyting contains the entire structure….so we must see the entire structure of any word in the Bible to truly grasp what the author intended.
  • Now with the NEW FORMAT—DATABASE we search with far fewer numbers and get instant results.


  • Numbers were assigned to every word in the original manuscripts.  However sometimes meanings of unnumbered words were included within another numbered word.  I call them ur (unused root words of the Old Testament) and u#w (unnumbered words in the New Testament).  These are a rich source of information that deepens and broadens our ability to understand those voices of the past.  Only with the new format can those words be revealed with any degree of importance.  When we view all the words that grow from those unnumbered words much light is shone on the text.
  • Tables and charts of these ur/u#w, have been developed from the DATABASE…so that information is now available for Bible study.
  • 2,900 Tables of primary roots are completed; some will be available in the store.  Here too comparing the word meanings with the words used in the Bible is a rich source of reclaiming the original authors’ voices.
  • Future holds many more documents to be developed using this quick and easy DATABASE.