Babel Means Confusion of Languages 


Following is a graphic depiction of the historical evolution of the  infusion of English words. Then the continual dumping of more English words on top of the old scrolls; thus burying a Unique Language. 

This language rests in Lower Egypt/earth under the heavy burden of 750,000 English words.  It is the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.

imagehypodermic needle

A picture is worth a thousand words.  How can anyone explain  Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest hidden in the earth with 750,000 English words dumped on top of it.

English words that injected the dis-ease of gender, individuals, places, objects that did not exist in the original writings.

How Can One Unbury it?

Discover the UNIQUE LANGUAGE created by a variety of words that came from a variety of languages over a long period of time.

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  • Train self to speak in only the word meanings of the approximately 10,000 words that are the basis for the OLD and NEW Testaments.  Many of these words are duplicated between languages.  This reduces the number we have to work with.  Some of those 10,000 words are of unidentified foreign languages, so we do not know their meaning. 
    1. This will remove all gender confusion.
      1. Learn the functioning processes of  neutral/male/female non gender words.
      2. Learn that what we call directions today meant something totally different.
      3. Learn that the words assigned as colors has a much different meanings then today’s understanding.
    2. Using 10,000 words compared to the approximately 750,000 English words used today is simple but no so easy.
      1. Accepting the strange sound without the pointy words takes time, effort and persistence.

Hope you enjoy the revelation that you ARE THE DIVINE FIRSTBORN CHILD


Part of the MASTER KINGDOM that is destined to rule self; not other.  The war is inside not outside.