Beginning in the 26th generating from the QHUEH and the 24th generating of the BMLEE we find some Happy builders.

They are found in the First Word of the Hot Day Weapon: inside is the One united oxhead to the power of 30.  Otherwise translated as 1 Chronicles 7:30

Some Happy Builders

Prosperity of the open right hand will Level.  Level the Superfluity Evil.

The next generating of Happy Builders produced a Community, King of God.

The next generating of Happy Builders produced Will Deliver, Keeper of the Hedge About the Seal, of Wealth that comes from Freedom.

The next generated four, a door of Happy Builders: Divider, Pruning, Bright, Piercing of Holes.   When a door is pierced it creates a window.

These are but a few of the Happy builders of the OT.

In the NT we find Grace, the prophetess otherwise called Annah.  Referred back to the OT which means Favored of God.

Favored of Yah is the daughter/builder of the Face of God, from the branch extending of Happy.

Grace/Favored of Yah is the

  1. mother of Rebellious
  2. wife of the Terminal
  3. Coming through this Terminal by law, Will Add, added Yah is Salvation.
    1. End of building the family of man
    2. Beginning of building the family of plural gods

Half of this geneology, half of this story, the 77 ascensions, is found in Light Bringer translated as Luke.

The other half the 42 steps of descension is found in Gift of Yah, translated as Matthew.

The entire story is found in Book 3 Chapter 19, of my e-book, We Are All Egyptians.

King James words in this blog that are translated back to their original meanings are: Peniel, Mary, Heber, Japhlet, Pasach, Bimhal, Ashvath, Shomer, Hotham, Shua, Malchiel, Birzavith, Ishuah, Ishuai, Serah, Beriah, Asher, tribe, Heli, Joseph, Jesus

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