Hail Hail Lion of Judah

"All writings on this blog site refer to my passionate close relationship of 20+ years with two books only; the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance 1940 edition and the King James Bible published 1640AD. The JSE is keyed to the KJB. The JSE is the work of 100 scholars who in the 1800s AD built a bridge for those who desire to cross over to the other side of the religious myths perpetrated upon the planet."

Many times I marched with a banner of a lion, singing, shouting adoring the lion of Judah. In those days my belief was that the lion represented a human named Jesus not a real lion.  I see things differently now after 20 years of trudging across the Strong Bridge and finding a quite different view from the other side.

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One time I participated in the Torchlight Parade, Seattle Washington.  We were the last in the procession with no lights just beautiful banners.  When we rounded the last corner onto first Avenue the full moon in all its glory was there.  The shine of the moon on the banners was incredible.  This time I did not carry a banner; but took a position like a guard on the side.

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