A true story of black humanity living under the heavy  hand of white humanity is now a movie. White supremacy allowed by the Bible, or so it was and is still taught, allowed this inhuman treatment to parts of our own body, the human body, to occur.  Not only allowed but demanded that it be exercised.

At the same time, mid 1800s, a team of 100 persons were giving us the way to know and understand what the original authors of the 66 books of the Bible actually wrote.  Seems to me they were searching for the truth.

The James Strong Exhaustive Concordance, was published in the early 1900’s; but few have used it to discover the depths of this rich resource.  It has been used mostly to prove what was already being believed and taught in religious circles.

I dream of a white Christmas where we recognize that it was the white skin of ice and snow that ruled supreme over the earth….not WHITE SKINNED PEOPLE. In that dream the STRENGTH of the SUNLIGHT (samson) is seen for what it truly is the LIFE GIVING RIB OF LIGHT (EVE) that melted the WHITE SKIN of ice, opening the Eastern Gate, which released the RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL, THE BLACK SEA MONSTER out into the LIGHT of the SUN.

Isn’t it time we used that resource?  Isn’t it time to end the religious myths?  The retelling of which has caused so much human heartache, heart break, shame, blame.  Destroying the very creature that has the ability to use it’s mind will and emotion to change? To love?

At the end of the movie, there is a line that says the date, time and place of the death of Solomon is unknown.

How many people on the planet even know that the TRANSLITERATED letters.. solomon, is only a word, an English word;  due to English INTERPRETATION.  The s of those TRANSLITERATED letters was capitilized and made to seem like the name of a person.

Those letters represent a word that means PEACE. As hard as we try to kill peace, we cannot.  It is an eternal gift that we try to destroy  with wars, arguments, religious opinions of what is right and true, good and evil.

PEACE has never died.  Maybe hidden  and locked away in some dark closet; but not dead.

We have had no excuse; especially those of us who claim to be the religious leaders of this world.  No excuse to not know and understand what the original authors set to paper.  Stories important enough to be selected as the basis for the book, called Bible that influenced the entire planet with religious myths.  Stories that have no substance in the light of the original texts.

Granted this has not been an easy task; but what is worthwhile is seldom easy.  The database, in process right now, will make the task much easier.  Question remains, will we use it or simply rely upon the religious myths that have caused so much pain, sorrow and suffering.

We have been striking out at each other and then saying Oh let me tell you how you can be saved….all was saved, being saved and is saved…nothing for us to rescue.

It has taken  a lifetime and more than 20 years of diligent passionate research to shed light into my own consciousness.  I had no plan, no goal, except to discover what had to lie beneath this book called Bible that has influenced the entire planet, negatively and positively.

That journey of discovery led to this place in time where someone else recognized the value of my life and is creating a database, which the entire world can use; if it chooses to do so.

The DARK AGES still exist; but the FLAMING SWORD OF THE EAST(sun), the gift (matthew) of light (luke) continues to rise daily.  Yes brother day does slay brother night and brother shadow is the replacement.  That is quite a different story from a human brother Cain slaying his human brother Able and the parents having another child  as a replacement, Set/Seth.

Time to tell the real stories…just like the movie told the real story of one black human amongst black humanity.  A horror story in the lifetime; but a story that has life in it for others to see the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE (jesus,joshuah, jehoshuah, jehohsuah, etc.) is there for everyone.  No religious commitment is necessary.

The religious teaching of white supremacy extended to white male supremacy.  This made and makes black females lowest on the totem pole. Most of those stories are still to be told.

White humanity took black humanity and infected them with a white God dis-ease,  religion.  That infection spread throughout black humanity; and then spread to  brown, yellow, tan,  red, etc. humanity.  The entire planet is infected with this white male god dis-ease.


There are no TRANSLATIONS of the original text; only 1000+ English interpretations based upon the GREEK.  The authors did not write in the Greek language.  The words of the original text contain a broad spectrum of words from many different ancient languages.  Languages in existence long before English, most particularly King James English.