Why  Only One Female Disciple No Male?

It is a clue to the 13th disciple. Number 13 does not appear in the New Testament.  Ever wonder why?  Ever wonder why someone decided that 13 was an unlucky number?

Why would the 13th disciple be female and the only female disciple?  And most especially why is it a GazelleDorcas/Tabithah?

If we forget about gender, then we can see what this means.

Female pupildisciple comes from the neutral word learnerdisciple that comes from a primitive root word to learn.  The 12 disciples = the neutral learner.

Acts 9:36, we find the female disciple.  Referred to in Acts:36, 39, 40 as:

  1. Tabitha gazelle, a Chaldean word that points back to the Old Testament where gazelle was translated ROE.  A word that comes from prominence that comes from a primitive root word AMASS, GROW TURPID. (flow)
  2. Dorcas which also means gazelle.

There are several OT scriptures that use this Chaldean word.  Let’s look at one of them

Proverbs 6:5  Wisdom says “Deliver roe hand bird hand fowler”.

There were only six words; despite the KJB translation.  What do these six words mean?

  • deliver =strength+ help
  • roe=prominence splendor<amass, grow turbid
  • hand=open power
  • bird=bird<skip
  • hand=open power
  • fowler=entangled/snare

A bird has the power to be free from the entanglements of a snare and so does the female discipleFemale is non gender, but it is PUNCTURED, OPEN, FREE TO FLOW, GROW, LEARN, BECOME.

Where Are the Male Disciples?

Why are there are no male disciples?  Because there has not yet been a REMEMBERANCE.  Humanity has forgotten and not yet REMEMBERED it is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

It remains captive to the icy religious mold of sin, shame, blame, death, hell, condemnation as taught by the SRP.

It is beginning to thaw out and accept its rightful position as loving master of self.  Letting nothing and no else decide what is right for self.  When we love self, we have the capacity to love the entire creation.

13th Disciple is Like Water

Egyptian/Chaldean/Hebrew letter #13 is WATER.  There is no number 13 in the New Testament because there is no point in time when the free flowing energy has ever stopped.

When we teach and believe in male gender dominance we freeze the free flowing water containing all the messages from the Big Bang of FIRSTGENESIS

Today, at best, spiritual water is frozen as ice, the white mountain of ice in the  beginning as described in the Old Testament.  Even in the frozen state, the neutral state of a neutral disciple it contains messages.

Gazelles, birds, roes all represent free flowing energy.  The same as the first REMEMBERED FORM WATER.

The 13th disciple does not stop flowing. Nor does it stop the flow of growth for other.  It is not frozen in religious habits.

The 13th disciple because is is viewed as female gender has been ignored by the SRP.  Except to say that females can only teach children, never male superior gender.

Perhaps the SRP needs to spend a little time with the JSEC.