One More Bible to add to the Tower of Babel

The solid rock Petra gets richer and richer on what does not even belong to them.

A new  St. John’s Bible is being displayed in Santa fe NM starting in October 2011. Yippee skippy, one more bludgeon to use to force people to believe they are wretched, sinners, who are going to hell if they do not convert.

Two thousand years of studying the Bible, creating more Bibles, thousands of interpretations, sermons, ad nausem has not brought any clarity.   Billions of dollars spent which has only added to the confusion of languages.  The Tower of Babel, gets higher and higher.

Until we go back and discover  what our human pen scribed between 1845BC and 70AD we can never understand the Bible.

Our pen scribed words, long before Jesus and long before  there was any such thing as an organized church.

Our writings were chosen by so called leaders of a church and has the world believing that some how, some way, God just dumped those words upon the church. ” It is the word of God and you must obey it.  No questions asked.”

My people perish for lack of understanding, ignorance and following after blind leaders.

Does Not Pay Caesar’s Taxes

The solid rock Petra has  become the largest corporation on the planet, 3 billion converts.   Does not even follow the mandate of Jesus to pay unto Caesar what is due Caesar, taxes.

Collects tithes which Jesus never did.  Rejects those who do not convert. Jesus did not reject any one.  But then Jesus was NOT A CHRISTIAN.

Those Ancient Writings Do Not Belong to the Church

Those writings do not belong to the church nor any other special people group. They belong to humanity, the Firstborn Divine child.

The so called church has had license long enough.  Over the past two thousand years the solid rock of Petra has managed to totally mutilate even the King James translation by INTERPRETATIONS that hold no weight when put on the scale of what those original words meant.

My History With Many Denominations

I had 50 years of that bludgeoning, to the point of death August 31, 1986.  Since that time my eyes have been opened to see a whole different story then what was crammed down my throat.

The past 25 years I have been searching the original texts to find the unconditional love so proudly proclaimed by the solid rock that demands adherence to rules and regulations.  Dogmas that are not even agreed upon amongst the thousands of denominations.

For a long time I thought it was simply human error, that caused the teachings to be so grossly oppositional to what I was discovering in the research.

Today I am inclined to believe it was an intentional deception aimed at controlling the masses and eventually controlling the world.

Holy Wars

Certainly the historical record of crusades and world wars substantiates that view. Every war is a religious war.

Now we get to watch the Christians stab each other on the media over who will control this nation.

So we can wage more holy wars against our brothers of different points of view.

Great Depression

Will we let that faction bring another major depression.   The solid rock Petra is totally responsible for the Great Depression in which I was born.

The solid rock  did not feed me nor my family.  Simply took me away from my Cherokee mothers breast and brainwashed me.  Fed me lies that almost took my life because I believed them with my whole heart.

Why Were the Symbols Replaced by a Cross?

The solid Rock long ago replaced the symbols of bread, water, wine and fish with the sword of the cross that murders any and everyone that does not agree.

Jesus brought the sword of the spirit to be used internally.

War is laid at the foot of the solid rock Petra; which is not even the rock that Jesus is building the church upon.

The Rapture

The solid rock prays in opposition to the prayer of Jesus.  Jesus prayed Father DO NOT TAKE THEM out of this world.  The solid rock teaches that they will be raptured out into heaven.  The place where we already reside. Heaven and earth are not separated.

May that rapture happen soon.

End of an Age

It is the end of an age.  The end of the age of sin, shame, blame, death, hell, damnation.  Do you hear the walls crumbling?  Do you feel the earth shaking with the Little Earthquake translated Joktan and Peleg?

Do you feel the seeds breaking forth in joy and laughter that the end of this age has come?  Seed coming from the Other Side, translated Eber.  All the children, the seed from the Other Side are Hebrews; that us, the Firstborn Divine Child, humanity.

Sprouted in lower Egypt/earth and are growing in the Queens house upper Egypt/heaven.  That makes us Egyptians.