Welcome to Red Heifer Logos

Welcome to Red Heifer Logos

A Few Things You Will NEED TO KNOW About This Website.

The Basics

Neutral words are just that; they are in a static position.

PUNCTURED was translated as a female word/number; but this is non gender as evidenced by the words/numbers themselves.

REMEMBERED was translated as a male word/number; but this is also non gender as evidenced by the words/numbers themselves.

These three are the basic pattern of creation but cause confusion when gender is applied.  The meaning of the numbers + order of the letters together tell a great deal about what is being said in any given verse.

In addition God Will Strengthen translated Ezekiel’s wheel in a wheel can only be understood using the proper knowledge of the original meanings of the numbers/letters.Removal of all added English words is essential to even begin to study. The NT is based upon the OT. If you remove all of the OT words from the NT all that is left is a skeleton of the new words developed since the original writings.An Important Egyptian Symbol


Mut as Vulture

Vulture kills nothing transmutes death to life.  Is found on many Egyptian doors overhead as a reminder “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.   This is the instructions to us. The house governs the house within translated Romans 12:2.

  • Same word only translated transfigured is found in  Gift of Yah, mouth of the house translated Matthew 17:2.
  • Same word found again, transfigured in the Conspicuous Position cycle of wisdom of the house translated as Mark 9:2

This one word, transform/transfigure ie the Greek word, metamorphoo creates a huge word tree which is the basis of my  4 e-books We Are All Egyptians.

The 1845 +- BC scrolls, Hated was translated Job.  The 1688 BC scrolls, particularly First was translated Genesis.  They are the basis from which to begin.

Much of my writing is designed to lay the foundation of the story of creation; without which the rest of the stories are lost in the Tower of Babel, which means confusion of languages.

The other scrolls translated into the other 37 books of the bible were written between 1688BC ad 70AD by a variety of authors in a variety of places.

Language changes and so the spelling of names and places change with the country of the author and the time lapse since the last use; but the meaning does not change.

A basic premise of studying scripture is the first appearance of a word.  The first appearance of the original word is far more important than the first appearance of the translated word.


We will go back into the waters of creation and EXPLORE the INTENTIONS placed there by the plural gods wind, water and fire.  Intentions to build a lofty self entity.  Come let us discover that lofty self entity together.

Plural gods was translated 2603 times as a singular god and taught as the one god of all.  God is a created word, it is not a primary word.

Beginning with the Lofty Self Entity

The first lofty self entity was the mastership Egypt, created in the 50 chapters of FIRST. Then the master kingdom was birthed out onto the dry land.  It was the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest, the human kingdom.   The kingdom destined to lovingly master self; not other and come into that glorious rest.

Elder Keys

Watch for the process of this site to unfold.  The meanings of letters, numbers and words cannot lie.  These keys always reveal their true selves and when combined expose the original intents and outcomes.

They tell our story, reveal our roots, roots common to the entire creation; not just the little kid on the block the human kingdom; destined to master self, not other.

Every other kingdom is our elder.  The KEY to the mastership kingdom lies in acknowledging, honoring, listening to and then following the wisdom of our elders.

We are the secret, we hold the key.  We are the mystery, the magic, all power and authority was placed into the waters of creation in the beginning of the First place in time.

Those waters birthed the Black Madonna, lower egypt/earth out into the Queens house upper egypt/heaven.  Egypt is law, the law of duality of earth and heaven that maintains the integrity for the entire universal free will.

The law will fulfill what is initiated by thought, word and deed.

No New Water

We have shared the waters of creation with all the elders, rock, plant, animal for all revolutions of time that have passed.  As well as all revolutions of time yet to be.

We begin to exercise the wisdom of water, when we is listen to  number nine, the cycle of wisdom and do what it has been saying for ever, turn to the next full number.  That number is the one united OXhead that has turned to the tenth power and is it is the power of the open hand.

The mastership, Egypt waters itself, sending up a mist that only remains nine days in the atmosphere then returns to the mastership for cleansing and refreshing.  That is only 2% of the total volume of water.

Our water cove, translated tongue adds new messages continually shaping the messages delivered to the entire creation.

I wonder what messages are being released today from the melting ice cap.  The White Mountain that has been melting since the first place in time.  Melting under the force of the plural gods, wind, water and fire bringing light into the dark silent void of nothingness.

What did the first sound, the ROAR of water from melting ice say?  That roar was translated seas; what do the seas have to say?  Do we listen?

We think we make sounds; but it is our elder the breath of life that breaths us.  The roar of melting ice was the first sound.

We think we make music on the flute; but it is breath of life flowing through the reed, the wood, whatever elder has allowed us to reshape it into our hearts desires.

The drum sounds not from our beating on it; but because it is responding to the elder from which the the instrument to drum with was made.

Even if our hands of power beat on the drum, it is the POWER of our elder that generates the ability to move the body and hands.  We do not move; we are moved.

Big Bang

We are still the children in the playpen pulling hair, poking eyes, demanding our own way.

We managed to discover the power of the one atom, hydrogen gas that began the whole creation process in the FIRST PLACE AND TIME translated Genesis.  We used it to make a bomb to kill each other with.  Now at least we are beginning to use that power to create a form of energy to fuel our cars.  Cars reformed from the elders; reformed by their permission.

This very website, the computer keys are by permission of the elders.

Our destiny is to be the LOVINGDAVID MASTER our own ship.  Be husband over our own vineyard; and let all the other master craftsmen do the same.

That is the path of a Cherokee; don’t mess in someone elses walk.  You will just drive them off into the deep dark woods causing them to lose their own pathway.  For each must find its own way.

All the tools are already resident in our being.  Listening to tales of death, hell, damnation about a god that demands what a child cannot give has led this planet into a deep dark void place; the silence of death.  Vulture stands by to assist.

The perfect Red Heifer, the Mastership Egypt and the vulture are always cleansing the waters that we drink.  Waters the little kid on the block has played in and made muddy; polluted by using its water cove.

VULTURE does not feed on another life to bring forth life.  It feeds on the dead stuff and brings forth life.  Its feces are clean; not so the human kingdom that feeds on another’s life mislead into believing that it needs it for existence.

The human kingdom is studying the vulture to see how it does its magic: dead stuff into living stuff.  Perhaps the lessons of the vulture will spring forth through these pages.

A Few Abbreviations

  • KJB King James Bible
  • MSE master ship Egypt
    • The lofty self entity lower Egypt, earth, floating in upper Egypt.
  • ETGR Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest built by Egyptian math Will Add
  • MHK master human kingdom, destined to master self.
  • BMLEE Black Madonna lower egypt/earth
  • QHUEH Queens house upper egypt/heaven
  • The symbol page lists the other acronyms and symbols used on this site. They will be added to as time goes on.

Henry David (Loving) Thoreau

Thoreau on Neuroplasticity

Linda Graham

 Henry David Thoreau, beloved American author, poet, philosopher and transcendentalist(1817-1862):”As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”

I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn.

He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.

Many go fishing without knowing it is not fish they are after.

The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.

Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruits, and resign yourself to the influences of each.

Our life is frittered away by detail.  Simplify, simplify.

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

Aim above morality.  Be not simply good; be good for something.

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right.  But do not care to convince him.  Men will believe what they see.  Let them see.

Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion.  What a man thinks of himself is what determines, or rather indicates, his fate.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them.

It is never too late to give up your prejudices.

To regret deeply is to live afresh.

It is as hard to see one’s self as to look backwards without turning around.

If once advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Thank God men cannot as yet fly and lay waste the sky as well as the earth!

What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?

The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom on fruits, can be preserved only by the most delicate handling.  Yet we do not treat ourselves nor one another thus tenderly.

The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer.

We much have infinite faith in each other.  If we have not, we must never let it leak out that we have not.


Bridge is Finished

Bridge is Finished

The Strongbridge Database is completed.  Faster, easier searching for the original meaning of any of the original words in the original documebridge with red heifers crossing opposite directsionnts.

King James Bible has 826,812 words.  Until now the only way to search was by those 826,812 words.  Now we can cross the bridge to yesterday’s world of words and search from that position.

The vocabulary of the 66 books written by various authors between 1845BC – 70AD is approximately 12,000 to 13,000 words.  To understand the literal meanings of those few words is not a daunting task.

The JSE assigns 8,674#s OT and  5,624#s NT.  However many of them are duplicate in meaning.  Duplicated due to different transliterations due to different eras and different authors and due to capitalization which is not a function of the older languages.

Often a transliterated group of letters is given it own number with its actual meaning.  The same transliterated group of letters was given a different number because it had been capilitized and therefore appears to be a different word.  However the meaning does not change.  Fire means fire no matter what symbols are used to represent its meaning.

The capitalization was most likely first applied in the Greek rendition and then reapplied in the Old English, King James English and carried forward into modern English.

Knowing the true meaning of any word despite its transliteration is vital to reconstructing the original text.

What use to take days/weeks to accomplish can now be done in a few hours.  That is if we are searching to reconstitute the entire verse; to gain understanding and wisdom.  As opposed to getting some understanding about a singular word which we then plug into the religious myth we already believe.


The database is not new information;  but presented in a very simply way.  Instead of looking at a paragraph of information, it is seen on a single line presented in 9 columns.  With the entire word structure in subsequent lines.  This makes all the connections described in the original JSE, available at a single glance.

We no longer need to search through the paragraph to determine what the actual meaning was. Only to discover we have to thumb through several other pages to get the whole picture, the entire word structure.   Any single word meaning is found in the column of word meanings. Followed by the entire structure as laid out in the JSE.

We can now reconstitute any scripture quickly, accurately and easily.


Unused Root Words With No JSE Number

It does reveal some information previously very cumbersome to expose beyond a single word. Those words (in the database) are referred to as unused root words in the Old Testament and unnumbered words in the New Testament.  The meanings of these words was established in the JSE but no number was assigned.  The reason no number was assigned is they were simply part of a description of  specific words; which were given numbers.

Some of these unnumbered root words are the basis for a huge number of other numbered words.

For instance the unused root word twist is the basis for 2/16 words INTERPRETED as God and a plethora of other words in the KJB.   The unused root word twist produces  a huge crop of related words.  Apples do not grow on grape vines.  If the KJB God grows on that unused root word twist then anything else growing there is related.  A closer look reveals that this KJB word God does not mean God.  In addition there is feminine (non-gender) form of one of those God words.

Masculine Feminine Word Keys

With a single search,  the Strongbridge Database allows us to see the entire hierarchy of any word at a glance.  This is opposed to thumbing back and forth through numerous pages following the rabbit trail of numbers.  A trip necessary to establish the meaning of any word used in the KJB.

This Strongbridge Database is a very simple tool for using a dictionary of original word meanings.  Instead of wading through a mass of other information that is not necessarily useful nor needed in understanding any given scripture.  Searching 13,000 is not a daunting task.


  • Actual posting of the Strongbridge Database on this site
  • E-books on specific subject available on this site
  • Slide shows posted on this site mostly masculine/feminine words with scriptures reconstituted
  • Classes; learn how to use this new approach to an old subject.
  • I will be available to present to audiences in and outside Santa fe
View of the Song of Peace from Other Side of Strong Bridge

View of the Song of Peace from Other Side of Strong Bridge

SONG NAIL; within is the CYCLE OF WISDOM  (Song 6:9 supposedly written by Peace “Solomon about 1,000 BC in Palestine)

These are the original word meanings

3123 dove  259  united  259 united  517 mother  1249 beloved  3205 to bear   7200  see   4436 queeen  6370 concubine 1984 be clear

This is how the INTERPRETERS rendered it in the KJB

Song 6:9 KJB – My dove,[H3123] my undefiled is [but] one;[H259] she [is] the [only] one[H259] of her mother,[H517] she [is] the choice[H1249] [one] of her that bare[H3205] her. The daughters saw[H7200] her, and blessed her; [yea], the queens[H4436] and the concubines,[H6370] and they praised[H1984] her.

Who/what is the Queen?  Who/what is the mother?  Why is Queen a feminine word; but mother is not?  What is the concubine that is clear? bridge with red heifers crossing opposite directsion The new STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE; enables us to quickly and easily discover the meaning of any word in the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.  No longer do we have to labor to discover the meaning of any word.  We can see how any word was formed all the way down to its root.  We no longer have to be confused as to what the author meant.  Nor wonder why our current understanding of a word meaning does not seem to match the old texts.  Perhaps it is our current view and understanding that is at faulty.

The above example is just the meaning of the specific words….the SBD gives the entire structure of any given word;  right down to its root.  IN addition shows all the words that grown from any given root word.  This facilitates understanding of what the original authros were conveying.

While 8673 words int he Old Testament were identified by numbers; many of them are duplicates due to transliteration differences due to different times and places.

In addition to these 8673 words there is a substantial number of words that were not given numbers.  These words are contained within the numbered words.  Often the meaning was given; which adds tremendously to our understanding of the original texts.

When we remove all the references to the OT words that are found in the New Testament; there is nothing left of the NEW TESTAMENT. When we explore the scripture with ONLY THE ORIGINAL WORD MEANINGS  (that is without all the added English words)  we see stories quite differently then what has been taught for hundreds of years.

We see stories that are common to man’s understanding of the cosmos; the universe, the creation.  We see glimpses of the first science, the science of the sun, moon, stars and their relationship to the earth.

A very narrow view as traveling was slow; mostly on foot.  Some times on donkeys, horse, camels, etc; but still slow.  There was no far distant other side of the planet.  There was however, the vast upper region that seemed to dance, revolve around the earth itself.

When we distort those stories into people; we lose the entire purpose of the writings of the original authors. It is time to reclaim what the original authors scribed;  must have been important to have been selected as the basis for the book that has sold more copies than any other.  It is estimated that if all the Bible that have been sold were stacked up; it would make a mountain 100 times taller than Mt. Everest. Maybe we should put some time and effort into understanding what the authors of the 66 books actually put on paper.

Other Side of Bridge vs Interpretation

View from Other Side of the Bridge bc

as translated through the words used by the original author.

WORD MEANINGS…..father of knowledge is the builder of a multitude of nations (via mother) perfume.

1. FIRST was written in 1688BC author unknown.
2. OXHEAD WORD OF HOT DAY written between 1279 and 461BC in Palestine.

View From the Interpretation of 1640 ad

as seen through the interpreters of the Bible

1. Abidah is the son of Abraham through the mother Ketura  Gen.25:4  1688BC
2. Abida is the son of Abraham through the mother Ketura 1 Chron. 1:33

Which view do we choose to see?  Why would we choose another?

The Strong Bridge Database gives us an easy way to view the original meanings of the words used by the original authors of the 66 books upon which the Bible is built.

Using the Strong Bridge Database we can then compare with the INTERPRETATIONS….of the KJB written in the 1600s ad and the original word meanings.  We can then draw our own conclusions about the intent of the authors of the original 66 books.  66 books selected by the interpreters to sustain the teachings prevalent at the time.

Any other interpretation would either have been

  1. Rejected by the general public;  most of whom could neither read nor write.
  2. Or the general public would have run away from the popularly held beliefs and discovered a different view of the original text.

Words do not lie; however humans concocted words and thenuse them to create whatever pictures they desire for other to see.


How Can Boy be Girl?

Language does not lie

People make sounds; then make marks on stone, paper, computers,  etc. to represent those sounds. The sounds become written words that become sentences, paragraphs and stories.  With the intention that everyone reading or hearing those words would have the same understanding of what that sound, that mark means.

If a word means boy and is interpreted by the learned of their day……as meaning girl, child, slave, servant, minister; how can we possibly understand what was written by the original authors?

We read boy; we think male gender….we do not think, girl, child, servant, slave, minister; unless there are some qualifying other marks.  Those marks do not change the meaning of  one word…boy into the meaning of a single word girl.

If we do not understand the UNIQUE LANGUAGE of the authors of the original 66 books.  Then we get fooled by KINGS of RELIGION of today.  The KING RELIGION, by whatever word it calls itself, is based upon  theories, doctrines, laws and precepts; which  KING RELIGION has determined to use to rule and reign over the masses.  For the purpose of mind, heart control.

The KING says it is the word of GOD and must be obeyed because the KING is the representative of GOD.  Who decided that eons ago?  Who heard those words and wrote them on paper?

On the other hand; what did the authors of 66 different writings from 1845BC to 70AD actually put to paper?  Do the stories of KING RELIGION match those original texts?

If we do not understand the UNIQUE LANGUAGE  of the original texts;  then we are like dumb sheep put into a sheepfold by KING RELIGION.   Then we let the KING’S wolf climb over the fence; because that wolf says it is was sent by the KING.

If we explore further the word BOY, we see that train up a boy to hit is a primary premise of KING RELIGION.  We see that the FATHER trains the boy to hit, by hitting.  Do we understand or even know….. that the word BOY is interpreted as girl, child, slave, servant, minister, man, young boy, maid, maiden?  Perhaps it does not mean what we think it means.  Perhaps BOY does not mean what KING RELIGION infers and teaches!

Even so, who do we send off to war…. trained to hit?  Now the girl gets to also join in the hitting having been trained by the KING RELIGION.   Mothers leaving children to go fight the KINGS war. Why is KING WAR still prevalent upon the planet….maybe it is the Major General of  KING RELIGION.   Don’t forget it wrote that wars and rumors of wars would not end?

KING RELIGION determined those words when it developed one of  KING RELIGIONS books called Bible.  When we read scripture and see the words used in the Bible child, maid, maiden, man servant, son, young boy do we think BOY  as a human gender????  How can a maid, maiden be a boy, a son according to English that we read?  How can a boy be man in today’s understanding?

KING RELIGION has built a very tall tower called BABEL; which means the confusion of languages.

KING RELIGION rules and reign out of the tower of confusion.  It is time to dethrone KING RELIGION.  It is time for us to cross the STRONG BRIDGE that was built and then published in 1890.

How many more years are we going to listen to KING RELIGION teach from the TOWER OF CONFUSION?

We can stand on the other side of the STRONG BRIDGE and see clearly what the original authors wrote in those 66 books.  66 books that have been couched in confusion coming from the TOWER OF CONFUSION ruled by KING RELIGION.

Question is why has the KING not given us an easier way to get across the STRONG BRIDGE built in the 1800s? Answer is it would dismantle the very foundation of the TOWER OF CONFUSION. That would allow the masses to draw their own conclusions about what those authors intended to say.

An easy to use and understand database has been developed.  Before it is released to the general public, there needs to be some interest in studying the original  UNIQUE language.  To come to some basis of understanding of how that language functions.  To see how very little the original dictionary actually was. The word and their meanings used by the original authors.

KING RELIGION has built the largest, richest, most powerful corporation on the planet and we the dumb (silent) sheep bow down to it.  Letting our wool be cut off so the king can sell it.  Probably to finance the wars.

Language does not lie, words do not lie in and of themselves.  It is the distortions, the confusion of meanings that create lies.  Twisting and distorting word meanings results in religious myths and other fairy tales.

Oh be patient and let religion die out?   At what cost?  What cost to all the species on the planet?  War does not just destroy people, families, lives.  It affects, infects and destroys all types of species; far beyond the end of whatever particular war is ended.

The planet itself suffers under the tight fisted rule of  KING RELIGION.

When will we stop paying homage to KING RELIGION….homage based upon fear.  Intentional fear to control the minds, wills, and hearts of the masses.

Black Dome of the Rock or Mt. Kalish?

Wesak or Vesak, Oiled or Enlightened?

The RELIGIOUS KING that dominates the planet is a divisive king.  Not human; but human devised to control the masses.

This beautiful  planet has two places, 2 black rocks that the RELIGIOUS KING has convinced people to  bow down to as the one special place a special place  chosen by that particular RELIGIOUS KING.  This is not exclusive; there are many places and times that the RELIGIOUS KING demands homage from its followers.  We are looking at two BLACK ROCKS today.

Wesak or Vesak is being celebrated some time during the month of May 2014  but the date varies drastically country to country.  See chart below.  Why different dates?

The RELIGIOUS KING also dictates the calendar which divides humans. The RELIGIOUS KINGS are not human; but are human devised to control the masses.

Consider that there is a black dome of the rock that the three major RELIGIOUS KINGS have declared as the holy place and have proceeding to kill each other over who has the right to dictate who and when will visit this DOME OF THE BLACK ROCK.  A BLACK ROCK  encased in a human box and controlled and guarded by humans who deem themselves holier than thou.

The control passing from generation to generation.  The THREE MAJOR RELIGOUS KINGS killing each others followers to regain control.  When control is established;  then allowing certain others to enter in on certain days….others have to go underground to get near the rock…..in the city BUILT ON TWO HILLS formerly known as PEACE (Salem).  Which today we call Jerusalem?  A city quartered by the RELIGIOUS KINGS that rule their followers.

Then there is the other BLACK ROCK celebrated by another RELIGIOUS KING.  Which is the mountain of Mt. Kalish; upon which no human foot has ever touched.  That is except the religious myth taught by the RELIGIOUS KING about some person who did ascend the mountain.

The point being that the planet does not belong to humanity.  Humanity belongs to the planet.  Dividing and chopping up the planet as if one part is holier than the other part is the most ridiculous idea the RELIGIOUS KINGS ever came up with it.

Perhaps it is time to honor the planet each and every day.  Setting aside a special time is in and of itself not a incorrect idea.   The idea that this is the only day to honor our source, the place from which we emerged separates us from the very breast that feeds us.

The RELIGIOUS KING has done quite a number on this planet and it is time to stop and take thought about what we are doing…what KINGS are we are allowing to rule, divide and conquer us.

What are we trying to rule, divide and conquer???????????  Time to light our own lamp and remember who we have always been…one species on the planet amongst all our brother and sister species.  Every species formed and nurtured  by the same original gods, wind, water, fire and the earth elements.

The RELIGIOUS KINGS tell  us that the FIRST (Genesis) is the word of God; yet disguise the original text which tells us about the elohiyms, the plural gods of wind, water, fire and earth elements.

Why?  To protect their kingdoms from the revelation that the human pen put to paper 1845BC to 70AD and what they wrote does not match what the RELIGIOUS KINGS want us to believe.



Year in AD Thailand[12] Singapore Laos Myanmar Sri Lanka Cambodia Indonesia Nepal & India China Malaysia
2007 31 May 2550BE 31 May 31 May 2550BE 30 April 2551thBE 1 May 2551thBE 1 May 2551thBE 1 Jun 2551thBE 2 May 24 May 31 May
2010 28 May 2553BE 28 May 28 May 2553BE 27 April 2554thBE 27 May 2554thBE 28 April 2554thBE 28 May 2554thBE 27 May 21 May 28 May
2011 17 May 2554BE 17 May 17 May 2554BE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 10 May 17 May
2013 24 May 2556BE 24 May 24 May 24 May 2557BE 24 May 25 May 2557 BE 25 May 24 May 24 May
2014 13 May 2557BE 13 May   13 May 14 May   15 May 2558 BE 14 May   13 May

According to the web the celebration this month is when the ENLIGHTENED ONE and the OIL (Christ) come together.  Where does this occur in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  The RELIGIOUS KING has humanity believing that the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE is a person (Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, and several other words).  All of which mean the same thing.  Putting a capital letter on the word meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE gives the impression to English speaking reading people that this is the name of someone, something, or some place special.

The RELIGIOUS KING is very clever and has the planet locked into believing it is the ruler of not only the planet; but the universe.  How long will we bow down to the RELIGIOUS KING?

How long will we follow, like dumb sheep whoever sets itself up as the leader.  That is what sheep do, follow the leader thinking the leader knows where it is going.  Even over the cliff.

Land of the Free? Joke of the Century

LAND OF THE FREE founded by those escaping religious persecution….?????

National Day of Prayer instituted by the religious community.  National is about as public as one can imagine.

Gift (Matthew) 6:5 when thou prayest, thous shalt not be as the hypocrites are; for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen men. Verily I say unto you.  They have their reward”

The mass numbers believe that God answers prayer.  What God have we been praying to in this so called land of the free?

This so called Christian nation, US makes up only 5% of the planet’s population.   25%, 1 out of every 4 are incarcerated in prisons across the land at a cost of billions of dollars per year.  Why  because they have supposedly broken some law that man put on the books.

That leaves 4%; but almost 1% of the remaining are serving in the military the war.  Why?….  war is basic premise of religions…we must be afraid of and get rid of other that does not agree with…….

That leaves about 3% not imprisoned nor serving in the military……most of those would be children; most under the age of 13;  because a large portion of our young people are already in prison.  Or the elderly, many of whom are incarcerated in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living homes, etc.

If God answers prayer….what God is being prayed to that would give us what we are praying for….and who is praying for people to be imprisoned or else be soldiers…..that’s right soldiers of the cross….

The reward of the prayers being offered up in this nation,seems to be imprisonment of those who dare to break the religious rules set down; not by those escaping religious persecution but those that are hell bent on persecuting at home and abroad.

What is wrong with this picture?  We profess to be the greatest nation on earth……great at what….imprisoning, killing each other….. public officials praying in governmental positions and demanding that the rest of the people agree with that religious conclusion….

What is God? What is the Little Dictionary?

“When that which is god — or that which is that which man wants to call “God” — is being understood by man, man has to translate it into the format he understands. But this Energy, this Source that man is giving the label of “God”, cannot be quantified in anything that man understands. And as man attempts to do it, the distortions are enormous.”  

Above is a quote from a voice called Abraham.   Perhaps if the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam were to sit down together and discuss what this word Abraham (which means multitude of nations in the original text) was actually about.   Then perhaps a better understanding of what the created English word GOD meant by the original authors.

Perhaps we could grasp the idea that LAUGHTER is the builder of a MULTITUDE OF NATIONS.  Instead of killing each other  over who is the FIRSTBORN…meaning the firstborn human male gender man. Did WILL LAUGH came first before LAUGHTER.  Did LAUGHTER come before the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE?  Can anyone of the religious leaders explain what the original authors were saying?

Perhaps they can and if so why have they not told the masses the original stories?

Perhaps a discussion regarding the actual meaning of the 16 plus different words used by the original authors, would reveal something important.  16 words that INTERPRETATORS call God.  Maybe we could open our hearts and minds to a different viewpoint.  A view of the word meanings from the other side of the bridge 1845BC to 70AD.  Quite a different view then the one spread across the planet by well meaning, well intentioned leaders.

There are no TRANSLATIONS for the public eye of the original text.  All we have are INTERPRETATIONS, meant to help the masses  follow the leaders.  Now I hear the hue and cry  that the Bible says GREEK INTERPRETATION.   All subsequent Bibles are based on the GREEK INTERPRETATION.

The original texts were not written in Greek.  Except possibly those documents called New Testament.  However, if we remove all the added English words for grammar purposes and all the words that are directly from the Old Testament….there remains NO TESTAMENT.

No wonder we are called sheep.  Sheep follow whoever is out in front.  Assuming that the leader knows something, is going somewhere important. Sheep will follow the leader over the cliff because the flock thinks the leaders knows where it is going.  Maybe it does.  Maybe the leader is really the wolf that climbed over the wall into the sheepfold.


The STRONG BRIDGE was built and published about 1890…what has happened since then regarding religiously held beliefs about God?  Wars and rumors of war will not end, so say the leaders of the flocks.

I grant that the work of the 100 or so scholars in the 1800s is difficult and cumbersome to use.  However if this one ME of the corporate WE can spend 20 years searching for an easier to use, user friendly format of that work….why have the religious leaders not already done so?

Because it shakes the very foundation of religion; by whatever word we choose to use to define it.  That includes the word spirituality, leadership, governorship, ownership, kingship, queenship, and all the other words we use to define a methodology of controlling the masses.  Bringing the masses into conformity to whatever religious beliefs or religious non beliefs that we have concocted.  These all grow from the primary root word CONTROL..the flavors of the witches brew are extensive.

But the drink always condemns something and exalts something else.  The fruit is bitter and produces a bitter drink.

Controlling the masses to the end that they believe whatever we believe and never the twain  sit down to discuss what the original authors put to paper.  It is a very little dictionary of words...not difficult to understand.  Difficult, however, to force those words into the religious myths.  Myths that have covered this planet in a blanket of religious myths that have not restored the PEACE of the original place of seeing.

What is the cost in human suffering with the one prominently held teaching that the white skin of human beings; particularly the male gender is preferred and has dominance over all other species on the planet?   The original authors did not write any such words.

The white skin of ice reigned supreme until the heat of the sunlight (interpreted as a man named Samson) burned through the icy stronghold.

It is time to use the LITTLE DICTIONARY.  If a word meaning is not there, then it was added by interpreation.  If we write the scripts with only the LITTLE DICTIONARY they will look quite different.

Man’s Control Factor vs Creation

Man read 66 documents and decided that those documents represented God’s law.  Those 66 writings between 1845BC and 70AD described a view of creation.  Man took those 66 writing and put them into a book, called Bible.  Man said this is God’s law and must be obeyed.

Man’s first law of control was written in man’s book, the Bible.  This law of control is a major root on the planet today.  This major root of CONTROL based upon man’s book developed religion. Religion is formed by doing and believing the same things over and over again until it becomes a HABIT.   Believing that this will CONTROL and save the world….over and over and over again believing something will be different, is also the meaning of CRAZINESS.

From this CONTROL ROOT grows another word SPIRITUALITY….another form of RELIGION…designed to control behavior of self and get OTHER to do the same thing..  Do this and this repetively and this will be…..(fill in the blanks)

Nature of creation is to promote the cycle of growth and rest.  There are no two things on the planet that are identical; not even so called identical twins.  Each and every product of creation is allowed to grow and express in its individual manner.  A gentle breeze or a raging tornado.  A clinging vine or a free standing giant Sequoia.  Creation does not force a clinging vine into a raging water fall.  Even the little streams can free flow or sink into the earth.  Or evaporate away.  Or splash on the grass on the banks. Or enter the belly of the deer.  Create a home for the fish and moss and the rocks.*

So man’s books, Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. and man’s law of control are not based on the nature of creation. Nor are they based upon the original writings.  Man took control of  66 ancient writings and forced them into the religious myths that already abounded on the planet.  Took the original words and jammed them full of English interpretations….swelling those 66 writings into a monster.  A monster of control used to control the masses.  There is NO TRANSLATION of the original 66 writings…at least not in the public domain**

Other forms of control that have developed from religiously held beliefs….government, politics, rulership, kingship, queenship, ownership, husbands, lordship,  judges, lawyers, courts, prisons etc. etc. etc.   all have grown from the root  of  CONTROL, bring into conformity.  The religiously held concept that I will feel better, if I can control other.  Religiously held belief that OTHER is bad and it must be saved.

Causes one to wonder why this country with 5% of the population has 25% of its residents locked in physical prisons.   Those physical prisons are obvious.  What is not so obvious is the minds, bodies and souls locked into religious, spiritual practices.  War is based on religiously held beliefs about death, hell, damnation and the saviour complex.  Is RELIGOUS CONTROL working?  Depends upon the intent.  If the intent is to lock up uncontrollable humans…then yes it is working.

Most people come into a religious/spiritual track through their families, or friends or towns or whatever and remain there.  I was fortunate that creation drew me through a continuous series of channels of religious, spiritual methodologies.  The advantage is that my natural global view was enhanced to see a bigger picture.  Granted it has taken 78 years to get here; fraught with many struggles toward freedom.***

Each and every one of those channels is deep.  They can be beneficial but more importantly they limit the view from the deep ravine.  Are not aware of the other deep ravines, who also have a limited view.  Fortunately man has taken the earth elements and life forces and created many beautiful instruments…..used for control.   The web is the most prominent right now.  It has the ability to help us see other views.  This is also predicated on what channels we use.

Do we religiously use the news channel, the stock channel, the movie channel, the war movies, the dramas, the comedies, the realities, the nature….?????

* the little streamlet was transliterated, then  capitalized and made to seem like the name of a woman.  A wanton woman named Delilah that cut off the hair of her man stealing his strength. The word representing her man was transliterated and capitalized into the word Samson and made to appear as if SUNLIGHT was a man.  In a sense we are, without sunlight there is no plants, animals or any other living creature including MAN.

** the JSe developed in the 1800; first published about 1890 is a bridge back to the original word meanings of the 66 articles.  The theologians have failed to give us something we can use to understand those original  text.  Instead keep altering the JSE with each new editions….to make money.

The past 20 years of my life has been spent with two books only the KJB and the JSE and an easy to use format has emerged.  A format that allows us to see the little dictionary of words that the original authors used.

A format that allows us to see how each word is formed and what is means in terms of English.  If the word meaning was not used in the original text then it is not valid in the Bible interpretations.

We can study the English of today from now till doomsday and will never understand the original text.  Never see that the word think is derived from the midriff…..not the brain.  The word hidden dark does not equal north.  Dry parched is not equal to south, etc. etc. etc.

Or we can study from the little dictionary of original word meanings.  Which means we also must eliminate all capital letters and all added English words used to create the religious myths.

*** EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE is the word meaning, but  transliterated, capitalized and made to seem like the names of humans, Joshua, Jehoshuah. Jehoshua, Jesus…..just to name a few.  Visit the blogs and discover the other so called names of human beings.

What is the Source of the Bible?

It would seem logical that the learned church fathers who prepared the manuscripts for the printing of the KJB would have had access to the original texts.  The texts from which they interpreted the 66 books.  The same text used almost 300 years later by the team of 100 scholars used to shed light upon the original writings.

If so, then why did they only translate a handful of innocuous words?  Words whose true meanings would not in any way detract from the religious myths that had been taught for hundreds of years.

Why did they use the transliterated groups of letters; which were not words. But represent the true meaning in the original languages.  Why in some cases did they give us the meaning of those transliterated groups of letters.  Then using the same group of transliterated letters add a capital, which was then used as a word; instead of the true meaning of the word?  Capital letters infer the name of some person, place or important thing.

If on the other hand, for some reason, they did not have access to the same original documents as the 100 scholars that developed the James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance; then what did they use as the basis for the Biblical stories?  Stories, i.e. religious myths that had been taught for hundreds of  years prior to the Bible.

Not to mention the glut of added English words to tell the myths.

Revelation tells us that it is a very little book; sweet in the mouth; bitter in the belly.  Bitters are digestive aids.   First we must digest out all of those added English words.  Then use the true meaning of words used by the original authors.

What is left is a very tiny book.  What is noticeable absent is the concepts  of sin, shame, blame, guilt, judgement, condemnation, etc.  What we discover is the view of the authors who scribed the 66 books between 1845BC to 70AD.  A view of creation, the passing of the ages; the stories written in the heavens.

There are no translations.   There is only interpretations and thousands of other Bibles all based on the KJB.  None of the original texts were written in Latin, nor Greek.  They were written  in Chaldean and Hebrew using words from many different languages, Persian, Babylonian, Aramaic, Egyptian, Oriental, Syrian, etc.  Not to mention words whose original languages were not identified.  None of these languages use capital letters.